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Comment I'm not buying Vote Buying (Score 1) 235

Making it illegal to post your "Ballot Selfie" on social media does not achieve the goal they claim to desire: preventing Vote Buying.

If someone is buying your vote, you can just take the picture/video and send it directly, or upload it to a private group, or any number of things. Publicly posting is not required at all.

Comment Re: No. (Score 1) 301

I'm completely comfortable with a presidential candidate having very little to say about Aleppo, though I'd much prefer the silence be an active choice instead of simple ignorance.

Look ... as long as there are two people left alive in this world, they will fight. We cannot stop that; it's just human nature. It shouldn't be Team America World Police to the rescue every time there's a dust-up in the Middle East. And it REALLY shouldn't be our responsibility to help arm the rebels against the big bad government. That never ends well for us. What's happening to Aleppo is sad, it really is. It was a beautiful city that been savaged by years and years of civil war. But it's not our responsibility to save it.

America's involvement should be strictly as a member of NATO and the UN (of which Syria is a charter member, I might add) providing relief to non-combatants and refugees, and general oversight to ensure Geneva Convention rules are followed. Beyond that, if two or more groups of Syrians want to kill each other on Syrian soil, it's none of our business.

Comment Simple solution (Score 1) 94

Why not just append a reasonable grace period. Call it 30-days for the sake of argument.

Google Fiber requests that Comcast "move, alter, or rearrange" the following cables : blah blah blah.

Once the grace period has elapsed, if the moves have not been completed, Google is free and clear to move them (while assuming all responsibility for damages incurred, obviously)

Comment Re:RANT! (Score 1) 202

Only because that subset is artificially limited.

People don't "need" better internet because the ISPs strangle out the competition. Netflix v Comcast was well documented. AT&T meters all of it's traffic, while zero-rating their own individually purchasable items. The current ISPs are doing everything they can to prevent people from moving into the 21st century of connectivity.

And that's just talking about today, right now. Give it another 5-10 years, when people are streaming 4k movies in 3D, or whatever the "next big thing" is. Should we wait till then to upgrade our infrastructure? Or just let the ISPs keep running through the same 30 year old lines?

Comment Re: Calling all rockets (Score 1) 136

Ad homenim. There's nothing cult-like about it.

A user has completely different metrics than Consumer Reports. For instance, if the auto-opening door fails but the user can still open it manually, an owner isn't going to be terribly bothered while the "official" grade will take a hit

Likewise, with the right setup, this car can be virtually free to drive. An SUV with no gas cost is a godsend to someone who's been pumping $100 a week into their old Suburban. But the consumer report don't care. They're not actually using the car, just grading it, so electric isn't really a plus for them. Hell, it might be a negative because of the longer "fill up" times and overall lacking infrastructure.

The criteria by which consumers and Consumers Report grade are just wildly different, and so you get a discrepancy.

Comment Role Reversal (Score 5, Insightful) 39

The entire default stance for Private citizens and Public officials has been flipped.

We, as private citizens, are supposed to have our lives kept private, except in extreme cases where surveillance is required and granted sparingly and meticulously.

They, as public officials, are supposed to operating publicly, except in extreme cases of national security.

Somewhere along the lines, these roles were reversed. I'm not sure if we're ever going to get things back.

Comment Re:Some truth... (Score 2) 270

We definitely don't have the data Teslas is claiming that we have.

Not from Tesla, we don't. You're right about that.

However Google has been much more open with their data. Google's automated car was just past 1.3million miles before its first automated accident: a minor fender bender.

I say "automated accident" because it's actually been in a over dozen other crashes, all minor. Most of them involved getting rear-ended at a red light. That statistic alone should be enough to reinforce Elon's point, but we'll need several million more miles before any definitive conclusions can be drawn.

Comment Re:Dammit Nintendo (Score 3, Insightful) 269

No. Just, please, no.

There is one thing and one thing alone that this console needs: Good games (from both Nintendo and 3rd party devs)

I'd much rather play an amazing game in pixel art than a boring game in stunning 4k. Focus on games.
Half of the stuff you listed can be accomplished with a $50 Roku. Or for a few dollars more, get a blueray player with streaming functionality. Why add all that extra overhead to a gaming console? Focus on games.
DVR Functionality? Seriously? Anyone still on cable can get their DVR through the cable company. If you're streaming Netflix, HBOGo, etc. (per your own demands) it's already DVR'ed. Do we really need Nintendo to bend over backwards to save you $5 a month on your cable bill. Focus on games.

Any extra bells and whistles you add will take away from the core functionality: games (and the requisite cooperation with outside developers to make games)

Comment Third Party Support (Score 1) 269

I contend that the success or failure of the Switch has already been decided, and it all comes down to 3rd party support.

Nintendo makes some amazing games that utilize the tech extremely well, or are just very good games (or both). Splatoon, ZombiU, Hyrule Warriors (esepcially the DS version), Bravely Default, Fire Emblem: Awakening, hell even the WiiU Tech Demo (Nintendoland) has some damn fine stuff in there. The games that leverage the WiiU's tablet to provide asymmetric multiplayer are brilliant. Luigi's Ghost Mansion in Nintendoland requires 2 seperate screens (Tablet screen for the ghost who can see everything, and the TV screen for everyone else who can't see the ghost), plus the game uses the rumble controllers so players can "feel" when the invisible ghost is near. And it is awesome.

But that game was made by Nintendo, for Nintendo, so it's well integrated. Any 3rd party company was left making a game that couldn't get much more integrated than "waggle the controller to win," or "the pause menu is on the other screen."

If Nintendo wants the new console to succeed, they need to make good friends with every outside developer they can: Capcom, Ubisoft, Activision, Naughty Dog, Bethesda, Obsidian, Rockstar, etc, etc, etc ... if all of these companies and more don't already have full access to the Switch hardware and software, it will fail. Personally, I'm hoping for a huge success. I was gushing over a game that was really just a tech demo. I can only imagine how amazing games could get if devs are granted proper access.

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