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Comment Re: Yes but no. (Score 3, Insightful) 302

Exactly. And to take it a step further, it's harder for the entire crew to get fully invested in a film that's all green screen.

"Pretend there's a giant dragon or something," will simply never create the atmosphere of the giant animatronic Rex from Jurassic Park.

Lazy atmosphere begets lazy writing, lazy acting, lazy production.

Comment Yes but no. (Score 2) 302

While the point is valid, the 3 movies listed were hot garbage for reasons completely divorced from their special effects.

Though ... there could be a correlation. CGI effects are cheap, plentiful and ultimately disposable. Didn't like a shot? Just tweak a few setting and re-render. Try it 10 more times. Did an actor screw up? Just fix it in post.

Conversely, something like Mad Max: Fury Road, Alien, or Nightmare Before Christmas all require meticulous planning, careful coordination and the utmost dedication to each and every take. Things are literally blowing up, there's tangible blood splashing across the actors faces, and every scene in a stop-motion movie is hours and hours of tiny movements that can't be easily reshot.

So, I don't think it's the CGI itself causing this problem, but rather the environment it fosters.

Comment And you get painkillers, and YOU get painkillers. (Score 1) 415

Maybe it's just me, but the biggest point of interest here isn't the weed. It's that the average doctor is apparently prescribing 2000 people pain killers every year.

Holy crap.

That's 5 people a day, every day, 365 days per year. Nearly 7 a day if you account for weekends and holidays. How are there so many people on prescription pain meds?

When you add up all the prescriptions listed in TFS, you get up to 15 per working day. And that's just the delta from pot. Assuming medical marijuana didn't completely supplant the entire drug industry, how many drugs is the average doctor issuing?

Comment Re:Impressive (Score 1) 174

I never said it was a bad game.

Quite the opposite, I said it's a good Ingress mod. Ingress is already a popular title, so a good mod to a good game is ... good

That said, it's a terrible Pokemon game, with only superficial nods to the series. You can like the game all you want, it can be popular as pie, but it betrays the title.

Comment Impressive (Score 5, Insightful) 174

All the more impressive considering that it's a shit Pokemon game. It's a decent Engress mod, sure, but as a Pokemon game, it's terrible

There are almost no battles. The few that exist are limited to mashing your screen, instead of the turn-based strategy usually associated with Pokemon.

And those scant few battles do not grant experience to your critters. The only way to level them up is to capture a couple dozen of the same 'mon, and grind them into kibble ("candies"). You'll get a couple dozen levels from each candy (current peak levels in the 1000-1500 range). Evolving takes between 15-400 candies. Oh, and the candies are breed specific.

These come to a hilarious point regarding your starter Pokemon. Normally, you pick one of 3 or 4 Pokemon to start your game, and that critter can level with you the whole game long. You'll give them a unique name, see them evolve and mature. You still pick a starter here, but none of that emotional attachment here. Your starter will be universally ground into the aforementioned kibble and fed to a higher level version of itself caught in the wild.

Comment Not about privacy (Score 3, Insightful) 224

The chief complaint here isn't about simply being recorded out in public. Plenty of stores, banks, train stations, and other public locations run CCTV without public outcry. As best as I can tell, there are two main differences.

One is the subterfuge involved with these cameras. By not disclosing their location, and further by disguising the devices, people can never be sure whether or not someone is watching. If a bank is keeping tabs on me while I'm on their premises, fine. The cameras are easy to spot, there are probably signs posted telling me that I'm on camera. I fundamentally understand that I'm on camera and why. But the entire nebulous entity of the FBI keeping general tabs on an entire city for no clearly defined reason is most certainly not fine

Secondly is the intent and scope. When BestBuy installs security cameras, it's to make sure that no one is damaging or stealing their merchandise. Protecting your own property is a very real and tangible reason. We can relate to that. And that reason begins and ends at their front door. BestBuy isn't going to come knocking because they saw me browsing, but I ended up buying from Walmart instead. They're not trying to keep tabs on the people specifically, just their gear. I'm only tangential to them keeping tabs on their stuff.

People don't really mind being recorded, if we understand the specifics. Tell me exactly where I'm being recorded, and why. With that information withheld, I assume the worst. Especially when that info was explicitly acknowledged. "People want to know this, and we're not telling."

Not exactly confidence inspiring stuff there.

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