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Comment Re:Never Fails (Score 1) 131

Totally agree, I do part time driving for both popular companies and would not be able to do so if I had to meet specific hour requirements like an employee would. I wouldn't even want to try honestly. There is huge freedom in switching on/off driver mode. This is just gov money grabbing probably from either people planted by taxi businesses or a bunch of people that are miserable with their lives anyway.

Comment Hit pieces (Score 1) 37

Something makes me feel like all these anti Twitter news things are hit pieces. How many times do you hear about other companies almost on a weekly basis that are doing poorly? This has been covered in all angles. They have 140 million users and are a name brand pretty much. What are you trying to accomplish by constantly reporting that they are dying? I don't care either way but its just funny how often this is reported on.

Comment Re:Sorry (Score 1) 399

I agree with you but I started the sentence with admitting I am in the minority. Most comments are considered opinion from the start.. hence the word comment. If I were an article on Wikipedia you would be right in slamming that statement. Ease up a bit.

Comment Sorry (Score 1) 399

I know I am a minority here but I love 3D on my 2015 4K LG OLED. Movies are far more entertaining in 3D _WHEN_DONE_RIGHT_. I understand the hate for the glasses but I think its also a technical and content issue too. People are ok streaming shitty DVD quality let alone HD or 4k streams. They charged extra for 3D options or only provided them in a lower quality resolution even. Plus people had to push a button when starting to play the content which is a non starter for some people.

Comment Re:"Feel forced?" (Score 2, Insightful) 436

Tell me about it. If it doesn't work as a full time job so what? Pay your car loan only then. What the hell is wrong with people that think everything should just work perfectly for them? You sit in a car and push a frigging pedal. Yes it hurts your car and the costs can be greater than the reward part of the time. Obviously there is an agenda to crowd source anger against uber/lyft etc going on right now. Not sure if the drivers are getting caught up in it (since you can't rely on most "news" anymore), the cause of it, or victims of it (cab companies?). News at 11: Lemonade stand doesn't pay children back for their child slave labor.

Comment Aspartame and Mice (Score 5, Insightful) 172

I hate these hit pieces about _all_ sugar free food when it is really about a specific calorie free sweetener in lab mice. I'd like to see other results using sugar alcohols, splenda, etc before saying they all do the same thing. I also would like to see it done in human trials. Not saying discount this test but it needs to be expanded and the frigging fake news (again!) headlines need to point out the specific substances involved and not label it everything. You suspect these are hit pieces because of this fact - but maybe it is just lazy journalism, who knows. Shills exist for every industry including both artificial and real sweeteners. My favorite for tea, Sweet'N Low caused cancer in rats' bladders but was shown not to in humans:

Comment Facebook? (Score 2) 149

Am I the only one that doesn't even know that Facebook had news? I assume everything on FB is just Ads. It's every single damn "news" paper out there that seems to be doing fake news or lets face it 99% opinions and 1% reports. You can't even read anymore (now I'm guessing it is probably safe to assume you couldn't before either without heavy customization). Sigh. I almost think Facebook is a fall guy from the real fake news places so they could pin everything on anyone but them.

Comment No (Score 1) 45

Even before the election night it has been up and down. This is grasping at straws and I really hope that this butterfly effect style news this early on does not continue. Imagine having news coverage like we did up to the end of the election but for the rest of Trump's term. Give it a rest people! More clearer is what happened to stocks thanks to Wall Street speculation so far which could be related to the fact that quite a few were caught off guard. Now if BTC continues to make huge movements then you can bring out your news article. I hope news can start to restrain themselves and stop spewing out garbage or you're going to get even less interested people going forward. Not to mention you play into what you consider the other team's hands. This is not written to support Trump.. I'd write a similar response if everything went the other way as well. Just tired of this crap.

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