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Comment Re:Time to moon: 9.2 years (Score 1) 387

Doesn't stability of a LaGrange point - keeping something in it - depend on the point in question? I think you have to fight drift more in L1 through L3, but not so much in L4 and L5.

Wikipedia has some good info on stability: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lagrange_point#Stability. Or listen to the AstronomyCast episode on LaGrange points: http://www.astronomycast.com/physics/ep-76-lagrange-points/. They describe L1 through L3 as trying to keep a marble on a saddle, but L4 and L5 as keeping a marble in a volcano - hard to get it up there, but somewhat stable once it's there.

It'd be neat if we could keep something in L4 or L5 of the Earth/Moon system, but I agree the costs to and from Earth or Moon are probably still too politically big...

Submission + - Review: MS Office Live Workspaces Misses the Mark (infoworld.com)

iweditor writes: "After an excruciatingly drawn-out development process, Microsoft's Office Live Workspaces — the company's attempt to marry Microsoft Office to the emerging Web services 'cloud' — is finally upon us. But it arrived in typical Microsoft fashion: eschewing current software-as-a-services trends. Oh, and it's boring as hell. Not only does OLW do nothing really new, it doesn't even do what it does as well as other, competing solutions do."

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