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Comment Re:I couldn't help but notice that I was right... (Score 1) 674

Why does everyone keep insisting that it wasn't a 'fair' contest? People say that the fact that Watson doesn't have to read the clues, or that he doesn't have a reaction time in 'clicking' the button. Isn't that the point of this contest, that Watson is a computer?

Perhaps the fact that everyone is trying to make Watson as human as possible, by 'dumbing' him(?) down, is a clue as to just how advanced the computer has become.

Comment Will this be on the test? (Score 1) 989

Assuming that at least a few students of the Louisiana public school system have a head for critical thinking and sound reasoning, what are they to do when the 'teacher' tests them on their 'science' learnings? If the teacher tests the students and the students use their critical thinking and reasoning to conclude that the material is not correct, will they be failed? And if this starts happening wouldn't that be some proof that creationism has no place in the science curriculum?

In fact, I would love to be a student in one of the proposed 'critical thinking and creationism' classes. I wonder if the instructor would be able to hold their ground when students have questions. I wonder if the instructor would be able to demonstrate 'critical thinking' of their own for the benefit of the students, or if it would turn into 'Just Have Faith! It is because that's what it is!'.

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