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Submission + - Rails Bigwig Zed Shaw drops Bomb on Community (zedshaw.com)

An anonymous reader writes: This is almost unprecedented. Creator of Mongrel, the premier Ruby HTTP server, #1 voted person on Working With Rails tears the community a new arse and particular industry celebrities to shreds in a 6000 word rant. No 'official' response yet from DHH or whatnot. Follow comments on Ruby Inside:


Editors, I dunno, this is huge news, rewrite my frig description and subject!

Social Networks

Submission + - Google Reader's team poor decision making evidence (blogspot.com)

Felipe Hoffa writes: "This /. front page post started a chain reaction against the new Google Reader's feature "share with friends". The scandal has centered on privacy issues and how many people feel this is a big privacy slip up, while others just don't think so. What has been overlooken so far is how many business, design and technical mistakes were commited. I've compiled several of those mistakes in the following article. It really makes you wonder what's happening behind Google's doors."

Submission + - Server virtualization gotchas

johannacw writes: "Vendors tout virtualization as the Next Big Thing. It probably is, but not every single application can or should be virtualized. Adopters from The Hartford and other large shops, and consultants, talk about mistakes to avoid. (Note: this story was submitted at 10:11 AM today by Tony Troup, but there was no link to the story. Thanks for trying, Tony!)"
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Real Reason for Vista Delay Found

tb3 writes: "The real reason for delay in the release of Vista has been discovered, according to an article to appear in Wired. In the article, an ex-Microsoft employee claims that Apple tricked Microsoft into attempting to develop what was then code-named "Longhorn" in INTERCAL. INTERCAL is an obscure programming language originally designed as a joke, but since it is well known that Bill Gates has no sense of humor, he forged ahead with Longhorn development using the language, refusing to give Apple any perceived advantage in the OS development wars."

Submission + - Defragment windows up to 10X faster

crazlunatic writes: "Windows users have long been complaining about extremely long defrag times. In Vista, the situation is worsened as users are forced to go thorugh the analyze process and are sometimes left with a defrag session that doesn't end! VistaRewired has written up an easy tutorial for XP and Vista users who want to greatly decrease their time spent defragging. Using this tutorial, the author managed to defrag 20 gigabytes in only 8 minutes compared to 75 minutes using the Windows defrag tool . A combination of software including contig.exe and Power Defragmenter are used."

Submission + - Google Search Screws Over SomethingAwful.com

An anonymous reader writes: You may have heard of the humour website SomethingAwful.com. Apparently, for all of their long history they've been having a problem where their website is listed far down Google's results (often last) for searches related to the site (such as the names of features and articles on the site). For example, when I google for "Photoshop Phriday", the site isn't in the first ten pages of results, despite the fact that Google has indexed the relevent page. In fact, the first result is a noproxy.us proxied version of the relevant page, and the rest of the results are blog and forum entries referring to Something Awful. (Results are apparently better on many non-English versions of Google, however.)

It's far from clear what's causing this; the site's PageRank is apparently fine. Attempts to contact Google have fallen on deaf ears and dumb autoresponders. The site was even recently redesigned in the hope of fixing the problem, with no luck so far. Is the world's most popular search engine really this broken, and how much money are people bringing in from knowing the black magic to work around it?

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