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Nokia Releases Qt SDK For Mobile Development 76

An anonymous reader writes "Nokia has released its unified Qt-based SDK for cross-platform development for Symbian and MeeGo (plus Maemo) devices. The blurb reads: 'Today sees the release of the Nokia Qt SDK, a single easy-to-use software development kit (SDK) for Symbian and Meego application development. Developers can now develop, test, and deploy native applications for Nokia smartphones and mobile computers. The beta version of the SDK is available for download from today, ready for developers to kick off development for new devices, including the just-announced Nokia N8.'"

Comment My approach to evolutionary music (Score 1) 164

I did a similar thing earlier this year. However, I took a top-down approach: I picked a music style, did a several simple preset musical patterns, and defined a set of rules how to mutate them to something different. There's no system to pick the good mutations though, so it's not really evolutionary, but at least it sounds somewhat musical. The app is already available as online applet: ...

Comment Algorithmic composition with 2D controls (Score 5, Informative) 177

I just developed an algorithmic composition applet, very similar to the first application by Harmonix. The users can control the music dynamically with the mouse. I thought it was unique idea, but these guys did it already 15 years ago!

I think their earlier ideas were much cooler than the Rock Band franchise, too bad they couldn't sell them.

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