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Comment Re:Nothing (Score 1) 879

Same here, we are going to run these Dell Optiplexs with XP until they die a natural death. There is simply no business reason to switch the desktop OS. I for one am sick of giving Microsoft a huge chunk of money every few years. I mean usually the new OS sucks anyway. Let me list them purely from memory and y'all tell me which ones sucked a root.

Dos - Various flavours.
Windows 1
Windows 2
Windows 3
Windows 95
Windows NT
Windows 98
Windows ME
Windows XP - Sitting comfortably right here for the foreseeable future.
Windows 7
Windows 8 slated for delivery in 2012?

Comment Re:Shocked. (Score 1) 851

Amen brother, Amen. Users and employees can be like puppies. I mean that in a nice way. :) You can train them if you watch what you are doing. If you dont help a user until they start screaming you just trained that user to scream when they want help.

Comment Re:Multi-tasking (Score 1) 55

Well, as one of those A-hole Americans I can state truthfully that our government is not capable of working even one issue at a time. Unless that issue is how to get more money into their personal bank accounts.

And to the rest of the world reading this, America is full of A-holes. It was not always like this but common decency among these people has gone right out the window. So, if you see an American and you're not in America. That American is probably rich and even more of an A-hole than the rest of us who don't have enough money to travel abroad.

I wish you could come over here and meet some of the normal people. I promise you that it would change your opinion.

Comment Re:Business planning (Score 5, Insightful) 223

My father was an auto and large truck mechanic, pretty good one too. He had three questions you can ask to begin diags on pretty much any system with humans involved.

1) Did it ever work?
2) When did it quit?
3) What have you done to it lately?

Pretty much the foundation of my IT Career right there.

Comment All we got left. Darwin was right. (Score 1) 938

I say let them run with cell phones blaring and text messages flying. When they cause the inevitable crashes maybe some of em will get weeded out of the gene pool. I mean it is mostly teens which maybe have not bred yet. Except for those Mississippi teens, they drop offspring like hunting dogs drop fleas. Our species is getting dumber and dumber all the time. We need some sort of higher level predator or some way to clean out the stupid among us. I say leave the cell phones alone and also start cloning velociraptors and turn them lose.

Yes, I know I am trolling and inflammatory this morning. Please forgive me but it's true.

Comment Re:Please no... (Score 1) 264

Ouch, sounds like you are out in the real wild and woolly. Luckily, I have spent my IT career behind decent firewalls and clean loads of Windows. Corporate Symantec AV dont hurt along with Altiris Deployment Server for clean OS installs. I can agree with you about the IE users. If they don't even know that other browsers exist then they are probably not that savvy on the web. Not saying they are dumb, just blissfully ignorant.
"Iz_Not_Viruz_Iz_Rootkit" Click here dummy. Come on, click me, you know you want to. ;)

Comment Re:NEWS (Score 1) 231

Ok, I searched for "conan o'brien push the envelope" and all I got was hits on gay marriage. Whatcha trying to do here? Misslead us like the media. Seriously thought I would like to see Conan showing that clip. Got a link for it handy?

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