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Comment Re:Kinda figures. (Score 1) 194

It was by no means to save money. I was unaware of the models at the time and was suggested by my friend I purchase an iPhone so I did and I am very happy with my purchase. I am not "blaming" anybody here I think you missed the point and seem very over excited... AT&T obviously needed to sell unused models which is fine and the only thing I am suggesting is that Apple refrain from updating 3G phones. They don't have to do anything and they won't, it just seems like a good idea to me as people still use the 3G out there, it still works, it still makes calls, etc.

Comment Re:Kinda figures. (Score 1) 194

If it was slower and less responsive I would have been fine and even happy, but in my case it was unusable which caused me some frustration as it was not easy to revert. Also, if I purchased the phone in 2010 it should work in 2010 with software they regularly provide. This is not a case of 'slowness' but making my device unusable.

Comment Honestly (Score 1) 1162

There is such a large collection of VHS movies (good & bad) and I think my local video store has pretty much every VHS movie ever produced so I see no reason why I would put my VCR in the closet. Between that and Netflix I am set, I rarely watch DVDs, let along a 'High Quality' Blue Ray copy of 'Weekend at Bernies.'

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