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Comment Re:Sure we can. (Score 1) 418

Yes, but don't you feel that's a bit unfair to your employees and investors? Arguably the most valuable thing about going public is that is gives liquidity to your shareholders, i.e. it allows the people that helped build your company to earn some profit from their hard work / investment.

Comment Re:Wait, wtf, NASA again?!? (Score 5, Informative) 911

turn the car off. Just turn the ignition and pull the keys.

Definitely do not turn it all the way off and "pull the keys". If you do this, you may engage the steering wheel lock feature, and the driver could try to swerve and find the wheel locked in the turned position. If you do chose to turn off the car, just turn it one click to kill the engine. But as has been mentioned above, simply applying the brakes firmly should always be effective, and failing that, neutral is a good option. Neither of these have the steering wheel lock danger.

Comment poor cost vs. reward (Score 5, Informative) 652

According to, 13M cars and trucks were sold in 2011. At a cost of $200 each, that means it would cost $2.6B per year to add these cameras to every vehicle. Even if this would eliminate all 200 of the backup-related deaths each year (which it obviously wouldn't), that would mean spending $13M per life saved. This is far higher than the figure used in most engineering projects; i.e. this is not a good return per dollar on safety, and there are much more cost-effective ways to spend this money.

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