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Comment Re:No, but... (Score 1) 266

Oh, the GOP today is a lost cause. I expect them to go the way of the Whigs at this point. BTW, if you don't know Chester Arthur, read up on him - best president since Lincoln IMO. If Trump had a VP pick like Arthur, I'd vote for him (given Trump would almost certainly be assassinated like Garfield was, and for the same reasons).

Believe what you want about Planned Parenthood, I'm not going to argue about it, but if you haven't watched the undercover video interviews about them harvesting fetus organs for quite a hefty profit on the side, you really should - it wasn't an isolated incident. Surely a different organization could provide these services.

And don't try to present bizarre Christian cults as mainstream, unless you're consistent and also claim that all Muslims support terrorism. Any large movement will have its fringe, and that doesn't represent the mainstream (well, except PETA, they're fucked up).

freaks out over birth control being provided for by health insurance,

BTW, I've never met a conservative who would stand by that. What they take offense at is business owners who object to it on religious grounds being forced to provide such. The state compelling you to take action against your moral principles (not merely refrain from action) crosses a line we should care about regardless of the issues, or at least those few Americans who still believe in limited government should care.

Comment Re:No, but... (Score 1) 266

Margret Sanger matters because she established the organizations that evolved into Planned Parenthood. Originally, it was explicitly a eugenics program, and it's operating today pretty much as intended then. Oh, sure, people usually claim different motivations for funding it, but that doesn't change the fact it's doing what the founders wanted it to do (as much as any large organization ever does).

almost everybody was racist and eugenics were extremely popular in that era.

The Republicans were still leading the charge for human rights and equality in Sanger's day, and eugenics was extremely popular with the progressive left, not generally.

It's still quite a popular notion on the left that the world has too many people and people should have fewer children to reduce the population, especially people in certain areas of the world. It's never phrased as "those lesser peoples should stop having so many kids", but the desired result is the same.

Comment Re:little to do with pokeman go (Score 4, Funny) 136

Agreed, bicycles should follow all the rules of the road. Because they are less visible, they should go even farther out of their way to adhere to all traffic safety regulations and drive defensively as possible.

For a while, Amazon did bicycle delivery in Seattle (often pulling a bike trailer - those guys were in shape). Those were the only bicyclists I've ever seen in Seattle who followed the rules of the road. All the rest seem to be involved is some sort of mass suicide-by-car, to the point where I expect to hear narration by David Attenborough on the lifecycle of these strange creatures.

Comment Re:Sketchy (Score 3, Informative) 72

How is this not some kind of insider trading and/or pump and dump scheme? Only company principals would have access to this type of info and it's not legal to divulge such prior to public filings... SEC should look very closely at who has established short positions in this security.

As long as it's an independent researcher, it's fine. No reason you need to be an insider to spot security flaws. That's how the stock market works: you have all the companies engaged in just-borderline-legal puffery, exaggeration, and hockey sticks, and you have the short-side researchers trying to spot the biggest liars. It works well overall because the analysis becomes public quickly enough, giving ordinary investors a chance to learn both sides of the story.

Not so much from a white-hat security perspective, of course. But as long as they aren't working for the company, nor of course out there exploiting the flaws to kill people, they're OK. It's not insider trading if you're an outsider.

Comment Re:Not sure Microsoft is to blame (Score 2) 252

"All" might be hypebole, but they got rid of the vast majority between 2014 and the 2015 mass layoffs. I knew several people who were affected. SDT isn't really a role there any more any more: some made the transition to SDE, some found one of very few remaining niches, most were out of luck.

It really sucks because most of the other big employers in the area also don't have QA (or very few), since we're all smoking the DevOps crack: managers pretending you can just hire devs, since they're smart enough to do QA and ops. Stupidest fad ever.

Comment Re:Who would have guessed? (Score 1, Troll) 250

I wish someone could dig up some proof.

I suspect there was some proof on an insecure mail server stashed somewhere away from FOIA requests, but since but the DOJ and the major news outlets have pledged fealty to the queen, we'll never know.

Did you know that over half the people who met with Clinton as Secretary of State (excluding government employees) had donated to her foundation? It could not be more blatant. Clearly we no longer have the level of civilization where that matters.

Comment Re:Hillary for prison! (Score 4, Interesting) 525

Of course she had intent. She used a personal email server to avoid this very event. Now it is happening anyway.

Of course, it will be whitewashed anyway, too.

While I agree she's dirtier than a coal miner working overtime, "what difference, at this point, does it make". We've established pretty thoroughly that she's above the law, so why is the FBI even continuing this farce? Further budget negotiations? I had assumed that FBI and DOJ had secured the appropriate monetary concessions from the coming Clinton budget when Justice announced no intent to bring charges. This is just baffling.

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