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Submission + - Please make more room for rich people

justelite writes: It is not new that rich people get richer. And also is not news that airlines want to reducing costs by making smaller space between the seats or remove an olive from the menu. But is the new struggle to provide such luxurious conditions for the first class seats. Better food and drinks are outdated. Now the first class seats area features leather interior and top-of-the-range entertainment system (like 23-inch LCD monitor with access to more than 100 films, CDs video games and even audiobooks.). Also the first class passengers can use personal mini-bar, vanity table, wardrobe and mirror. More over on some A380 flights, passengers can also enjoy onboard showers in a spa area and in-built massage options. When it's time for sleep, first class passengers can have a stewardess turn their seat into a bed and pyjamas are provided. Meals are served when the guest would like. It is so good to be rich today...

Submission + - Cyber Monday HDTV lies (

justelite writes: "LCD market is full of surprises. Recently FBI unveil a conspiracy like in Hollywood movies: top-level executives from a number of Asian manufacturers of LCD panels met secretly in a Taiwan hotel room and agreed to a plan to fix the prices of LCDs in the U.S. and elsewhere. That why we paid paid too much for computer notebook, computer monitor, or big-screen TV anytime from late 2001 to 2006. Off course even now after the conspiracy is over we can still learn that someCyber Monday deals are just lies.."

Submission + - Black Friday E-Commerce Hits $1 Billion, Amazon Gets Most Visits (

sevgelh50 writes: The fastest growing category of sales this holiday season is digital content and subscriptions, which is up 29% year-over-year. That category includes digital books, audio and video content, which have been driven by the massive growth of mobile and tablet devices. The other fast growing categories are toys up 27%, consuemr packaged goods up 23%, video games up 18% and consumer electronics up 18%.

Submission + - Interbrand TOP 100: Apple jumps to #2 and Google overtakes Microsoft (

justelite writes: "Even the Coca-Cola is still number one in Interbrand TOP 100 in 2012, we can see how Apple jumped to #2 and maybe next year it will be for the first time when a tech company will be most valuable brand in the world. The big success of iPhone 5 sales can make this happen.
In the same report Facebook enters in top 100 in despite of its stocks issues and Google exceeding rival Microsoft’s brand value for the first time in the history of Interbrand’s report.
Technology brands dominate the Interbrand 2012 top 100 as four of the five Top risers and five of Top 10 brands come from within the technology sector."

Submission + - The World's Largest Ferris Wheel will be in New York Soon (

justelite writes: "It is an old trend to build "The World's larget..." something. Now, The New York come in this race with The World's Largest Ferris Wheel: 630-foot tall, thirty-six capsules, each carrying up to 40 passengers. Mayor Michael Bloomberg said “The New York Wheel will be an attraction unlike any other in New York City even unlike any other on the planet.”
Starneth BV forcast that "The Wheel will accommodate up to 1,440 people per ride, welcoming as many as 30,000 visitors per day and an anticipated 4.5 million visitors per year.""

Submission + - World's Largest Parade of Ferrari Cars but Stingy (

justelite writes: "Sometime good PR intentions become bad PR if you are not pay attention to details. Take this example of huge event of Ferrari: they organize an event at Silverstone where a new World Record was set: 964 Ferrari cars (worth over $162million) participate at World’s Largest Parade of Ferrari! It was great, good PR, lots of (rich) people were there. Also, Ferrari donated £5 for every car in the parade to BEN, a British charity. But the total amount was only $7832... too low for a donation from a healthy business like Ferrari. Maybe a $50 donated for every car should be impressive like the parade was."

Submission + - You should never underestimate the potential of electricity. (

justelite writes: "Most of the people think that electric cars are good to save the planet but few are willing to buy this kind of cars. Why? Maybe electric cars are not cool yet. So, the BMW try to change the rules of the game and unveil updated versions of i3 and i8, all electric and with an amazing cool design. Maybe now people will try to think that to have a electric car is cool..."

Submission + - Australia's first digital computer (

An anonymous reader writes: Sometimes, it's the oldest machines that are the most fascinating. PC & Tech Authority has posted this gallery of photos of the first automatic electronic stored-program computer in Australia and one of the first in the world — CSIRAC. The photos show a machine massive in size — the main system comprised nine steel cabinets containing 2000 valves that weighed over 7000kg. Using valve technology and World War II radar systems as a starting point, the machine was used for various purposes including weather forecasting, forestry, loan repayments and building design. It boasted a 1000Hz memory clock and a serial bus that transferred one bit at a time. The system generated so much heat, cool air needed to be blown up through the cabinets from the basement below. In addition to being Australia's first computer, it is also said to have been the first computer to play digital music anywhere in the world. When CSIRAC was turned off for the last time, a witness described it as "like something alive dying".

Submission + - The most expensive cities in the world to order a sandwich

justelite writes: "How much you pay for a sandwich can be a good pointer for how expensive is a city. A recent study unveil that Paris is the most expensive city in the world to order a club sandwich with a $33 average price. In United States New York City is the most expensive city to order a club sandwich with a $17 average price. Worldwide, New Delhi, India and Mexico City, Mexico, with the average price coming in at just $10 are the least expensive cities for a club sandwich."

Submission + - SPAM: AXIXI

An anonymous reader writes: AXIXI AXIXI
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Submission + - Look daddy I'm four (

justelite writes: "Sometime I shut down the computer in the middle of the night and I stay 5 minutes on the chair to think how much I miss from real life in that day. My wife told me something but not understand because I was in the middle of an email or my son ask me something but I ignore him because I was busy to read a news about iPhone 5. This kind of picture make me sad and I weak up to reality. Till tomorrow morning when I'll prepare a coffee and I'll open my laptop... I'm sad."

Submission + - all new Porsche Design Driver's Selection (

justelite writes: "Porsche today debuted the latest additions to the Porsche Design Driver’s Selection (PDDS) lineup of lifestyle apparel and accessories. Additions to the product line include a collection celebrating the renowned motorsport heritage of the Porsche 917 and a new line of items made from genuine materials used in the construction of Porsche sports cars."

Submission + - CPU, RAM, MHz or design? (

justelite writes: "Features Versus Design: Which of these two details is more important when you buy a laptop? ASUS try to beat competition using great names in design. First was Karim Rashid and David Lewis, now they try to bring Asian design in "Lions' Arena" with the Jay Chou new work: N43SL notebook. But is it the fashion design feature so important for a notebook?"

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