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Submission + - Scientists release biggest ever 3D map of the universe (

Diggester writes: The stargazers at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics have released a huge three-dimensional map of outer space, a core part of its six-year survey of the skies. Encompassing four billion light-years cubed, the researchers hope to use the map to retrace the movements of the universe through the last six billion years. Using the latest Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS-III), the center says the data will help improve their estimates for the quantity of dark matter in space and the effect that dark energy has on the universe's expansion, "two of the greatest mysteries of our time" — if you're an astrophysicist. Even if you're not, you'll still want to board the animated flight through over 400,000 charted galaxies — it's embedded after the break.

Comment Re:Huge initial release does not mean sucess (Score 1) 397

For the record, my initial post was not flame bait. I thought, although some seem to have disagreed, that I was making a valid point. An initial release does not spell overall success. 3 months from now, if not a single Mountain Lion has been sold or downloaded (unlikely but possible) then will it still be considered "the most successful release ever"?

Comment Huge initial release does not mean sucess (Score 1) 397

Waterworld grossed $21 million in its opening weekend. But that doesn't mean the film was good or that it was an overall success. Initial release numbers can be tacked up against hype. Let's wait and see how it is doing 3 months from now after the apple fan boys aren't inflating the download numbers.

Comment Why so paranoid? (Score 1) 547

Why does everyone keep saying "DBAN!!! Nuke it! Tear the HDD out!" Yes you had personal data on your PC, but simply deleting this info or deleting your profile from the machine should be enough. Do you really think anyone cares enough to spend the time to try and recover your logins after you've done so? Nobody gives a shit.

Submission + - Crisis Malware Discovered Targeting Macs as Mountain Lion Launches (

DavidGilbert99 writes: "A new piece of malware has been discovered which targets Mac OS X, on the same day that Apple launches Mac OS X Mountain Lion to the public.

The malware, known variously as Crisis and Morcut, has been discovered by security company Sophos and preliminary investigation shows if features compontent to help it hide; a backdoor component which opens up your Mac to others on your network, a command-and-control component so it can accept remote instructions and adapt its behaviour, data stealing code, and more."

Comment From the description: (Score 2) 193

"3.1 Protection of data privacy and data security: The rack-servers are stored in a room which is locked and protected with most current security mechanisms." But it doesn't go into what those"current security mechanisms" are. My guess is that it's in a locked closet in someone's apartment with a chihuahua sitting in front of the door.

Comment Re:So fine them money they already didn't spend? (Score 2) 46

Regardless of whether they a). didn't have the money to properly secure their networks or b). had the money but didn't want to spend it they are responsible for the loss of data. They either knew their security was lax in which case don't offer wifi or they didn't know their security was lax in which case still don't offer wifi.

Comment Re:Same as school exercise (Score 2) 304

"There often isn't a single grocery store in low-income neighborhoods" is exactly right. Detroit is a perfect example. There is something called an "urban desert" going on in Detroit. There are plenty of "shelf goods" stores. These stores have the grains and breads, cereals and noodles and plenty of canned veggies but you just try and find a store in Detroit that has more than a few bananas in their "produce" section. Aside from Eastern Market which is far from accessible for many Detroiters you'd be hard pressed to do so. You almost certainly have to drive into one of the suburbs to find a store offering fresh tomatoes or cucumbers. Some Detroiters have gone so far as to create urban-gardens where a whole neighborhood will pitch in working on a small plot garden. They share the responsibility of working the garden and share the produce it provides.

Comment That explains it... (Score 1) 354

My mother was bedridden for a few weeks after having surgery. I was doing her shopping during this time and for a while even after she wasn't on bed rest. After about 3 months of this I started getting targeted adverts for feminine products. Needless to say, my fiance was confused when she came home to find them addressed to me and not her.

Comment Re:Is this censorship? (Score 1) 214

Many universities have a technology use agreement that students and employees must agree to (whether they know it or not). as an example. Quote: "Use of MSU IT resources is a privilege and not a right." I know this is a completely different university but it's one that I'm more familiar with. ASU may have something similar in their student handbook, I can't say for certain, but I wasn't able to find it on their website, so take my comments with a grain of salt. Regardless, internet provided by the university wouldn't fall under the same rules and regulations as internet you buy and pay for through your local ISP. The university has their own rules and regulations regarding internet usage which must be adhered to because THEY'RE providing the service to the students. Students could have just as easily gone off campus to continue to use I don't agree with censorship nor do I think that the university was right in their actions (reprimand the student(s) that are behind the malicious behavior rather than punishing everyone may have been a better course of action) but in the same breathe I don't think they overstepped their rights to regulate the internet they provide to students and employees. It doesn't seem any different to me than going to an internet cafe and having pornographic websites blocked. You're free to do as you wish when the internet service is yours but when you're leasing the service (which is essentially what is happening on college campuses) then you must follow whatever regulations the lessor imposes. If you don't like the rules and regulations then no one is stopping you from going elsewhere.

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