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Comment Re:Multitaksking (Score 1) 348

Lastly, I'll point out, most "highly trained" police drivers completed a weekend course, a week course, or extremely rarely, a two week course. Which means, they are less skilled to driving at high speeds than most amateur drivers.

I assume you meant Amateur Race Drivers, since I would think that by the time one makes it to being a police officer you would have been driving long enough to no longer be considered an amateur driver and thus be more skilled. These Amateur Race Drivers that you speak of, are they the ones that mainly drive in a circle, you know, go fast turn left, repeat. Yep, never see wrecks at those races. Why is it they have things like roll cages, wear helmets, fire retardant suits, have crash crews and ambulances standing by for these highly skilled amateur drivers, oh sorry, Amateur Race Drivers.

...why can't amateur race drivers get wavers to speed?

Maybe because they're not the only ones on the road. Besides how much more skill does it take to drive in a circle behind somebody else driving in a circle with none of the other drivers talking on a cell phone, eating lunch, trying to read the TPS report, texting their secretary and putting on their make-up.

Comment Re:I have a better idea (Score 1) 645

But haven't the pirates been moving their attacks much further off shore using Mother Ships? I believe most if not all the attacks are happening out on the open sea lanes not while entering and exiting port which would be kind of dumb for: 1) the traffic is much closer together and if there is a Coast Guard or other police type agency these other ships could come to the rescue 2) you are no longer in International Waters so the fuzzyness of nobody knowing who's got the jurisdiction to do anything ("it's not my yob") or who has to try you in their courts if caught, goes away. 3) if a particular port becomes a high risk, commercial ships will go else where which means either your source of income sails away for a safer port or the host country not wanting to lose the income from commercial shipping will heavily crack down on pirating at the port. I don't have any commercial shipping experience, only 20+ years in the US Navy (Ret.) but a Captain is God on his ship. I don't see any Captain surrendering any keys to anything to anyone. He may have to attest that all his guns are secure but I highly doubt any Captain would give up control of his security.

Comment Re:So much for stopping nuclear proliferation. (Score 1) 559

The military takes the security of nuclear weapons extremely seriously, that whole "Deadly Force Authorized" thing. They have a very strict two man (person) rule, it doesn't matter if you are the CO of the carrier, squadron or GW himself, no one will not be allowed access to the weapon alone, period! Even if you have the clearence and the required second person you will not be with the weapon unless you have an authorized purpose and it fits with the current status. No "we're just here to move things for the exercise" or "we're just gonna get an early start on some maintenance" no movement or maintenance scheduled, start kissing deck or you will get shot. Besides I think that carriers unload even the conventional stuff before going in for maintenance, makes things a bit safer and in '91 Bush Sr. removed all tactical nukes from surface ships 1092704.html ~18th paragraph down or just Google tactical nuclear weapon surface ship but don't ask cause they won't tell.

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