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Comment Re:Incremental improvements... (Score 1) 80

That's all they're making, not because they can't do better, rather there's not much profit in it... All of humanity is being held back by greed. If not for greed medical science would have already advanced our average life spans well into the triple digits with immortality just around the corner... but nooooooo..... we're all gonna die young because of a few greedy pricks.

Citation needed.

We don't know what we could have been discovered.

I don't like consumerism and the current dominating corpratocracy either, but even if we suspect that profit motives are holding us back, we do not have crystal balls into alternative realities to put numbers like that out there as fact. But I 100% agree that there are people we could've saved from dying if we cared about people over $

Comment Re:No Human Element? (Score 2) 81

If you bet solely on stats, you might do OK against a bunch of amateurs, but pros will wipe the floor with you. Because they not only know the stats backwards, but can also read your tells, and know when and how to bluff you.

I'm curious as to how a computer does that, but I don't for a moment doubt that it's possible.

Look at it the other way... a machine has no tells (apart from maybe calculation time) so it removes an ability from the opponent, in effect lowering the opponent from pro to amateur playing the stats, and humans might know the stats to within a couple percent but the computer will know them exactly.

"Bring them down to your level and beat them with experience"

Comment Re:chip on your shoulder (Score 2, Informative) 265

where breast feeding is a public offense

Here is a complete exhaustive list of all the American states where public breastfeeding is illegal:

1. Idaho

It is legal everywhere else.

That is 1 state above the threshold for making the criticism legitimate.

I mean breastfeeding... FFS... it is a normal part of life, completely non sexual, and in no way affects anyone other than mother and child.

Comment Re:What about stop making stuff super thin? (Score 1) 289

and big thick phones don't sell well. So, that's not going to do it.

A phone that is big and thick for the sake of it will not sell well. A phone with huge battery and crippled performance (compared to the best phone available) will not sell well etiher.

However a phone that has huge frickin letters all over the ads stating "flagship smartphone with one week battery life"... would probably sell like hotcakes. Otherwise battery cases would not sell so well.

Comment Re:Theory without any empirical data to back it up (Score 1) 289

They're all software engineers (which isn't a recognized profession, by the way)

Thanks but I won't take your word for that. Please show your reasoning.

If a software professional can be a member of a recognised professional engineering body - they can be a "Certified Practicing Engineer" just like any other engineer - then I would say that they are by definition a recognised profession.

Comment Re: Finally, the gloves will come off! (Score 1) 1058

It is equally hard to identify what is sexual harassment and what isn't. Yet having sexual harassment laws isn't an issue.

Really? You've never heard of donglegate I take it.

See original post "with some unfortunate cases on both sides"

There are always unfortunate cases in the enforcement of most things. The important part is that these are the minority and that there is community discussion (and outrage) if/when someone starts trying to enforce things in the grey area. So donglegate shows things are more or less working. I will start worrying when stuff like that doesn't generate outrage

Comment Re: Finally, the gloves will come off! (Score 1) 1058

life is a continuum. Most things fail to be put in discrete buckets.

It is equally hard to identify what is sexual harassment and what isn't. Yet having sexual harassment laws isn't an issue. If it is grey area it isn't prosecuted (or the trial can go either way with some unfortunate cases on both sides) but it allows us to find people guilty when it is far beyond the grey and into the universally wrong territory.

Banning for hate speech is similar. Yes some people have grey definitions of what is and isn't but you would only act on the extreme cases.

"have you noticed that [insert underprivileged minority] don't seem to be as educated as us according to the high school drop out rates" (casual inference about education but someone might conflate that with intelligence)
"I think we should burn all [insert minority here] people alive. I will personally give the first person who does so my life savings"

Comment Re:A deeply fragmented society, driven by emotions (Score 1) 220

I don't think anyone hates tribalism. They might dislike the word itself as it makes us think of uncivilized people fighting each other on the plains of Africa 3000 years ago or whatever, but very few people hate "tribalism" as the concept of a group of people with shared identity working toward a common goal.

you missed the vital point as to why people DO hate tribalism.

"a group of people with shared identity working toward a common goal... against (at the expense of) another tribe"
without the existence of the external party it is not tribalism.

Because all these identities require that your success comes at the expense of another's success, many people (including myself) lament the tribalism tendency of humanity. It is the main reason why people can do so many horrible things to others because the other is not from my group so they are not worthy.

Although I am not against tribalism when the consequences for losing side are low eg sports (where there are not fanatical rioting supporters).

Comment Re:"H1-B skilled worker visas" (Score 2) 184

... who expect to earn $200k a year when that isn't really feasible most of the time. The education requirements to become decent DBA will be a few years in a robust environment, plus a few months of courses, and voila!

It's not the same regimen as 8 years of medical school, 4 years of residency, $300,000 in student loans and years of practicing before you earn that much....

So you are saying that the only thing that should matter with pay is how hard it is to get "qualified" and years of experience (ie barriers to entry), not market demand, nor skill, ... that is a really screwed up world view.

What about the people who are naturally good at something. Some people will have more skill/intelligence/... than others several years their senior.

Under capitalism (even one as heavily distorted as we have), you are paid what you are "worth". If writing a good database can bring $200K/year benefit to the company then it is reasonable to pay them that much.

The problem is society has started to believe your world view that employees should be paid nothing, but it is reasonable for a CEO to earn 30-100x more than a low level employee. Sure a CEO can have a huge effect on the bottom line, but they don't do that without help of those beneath them (yet they think it is ok for them to reap all the benefits). Every worker in the whole economy should be having higher expectations relative to those at the top. We shouldn't be letting them get away with it.

Also the entitlement isn't just in IT. It is far worse in the other professions. "If I go to an ivy league school, then do an MBA then I should be middle management and easily earning 200K+" etc etc

Comment Re:Google doing an embrace and extend on Microsoft (Score 1) 93

Oh dear god please no. .net sucks ass.

That's a very unemotional and informative analysis you have done there. I feel so much more enlightened from reading it.
And what language should I code in, that does not "suck ass" and is a suitable substitution?

Personally of all the languages I have been made to code in, C# has been amongst the least sucky.

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