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Submission + - EU President granted powers to evict MEP (youtube.com)

jurt1235 writes: "Democracy in the European government has always been questionable, but now the European president has taken it to the extreme by trying to evict members of parliament. In short: Majority is against the minority, so why don't we just prevent the minority to come into the parliament again. Some MEPs make some interesting analogies with nazi Germany, which is in this case really close to the truth. Watch the rather shocking movie on youtube For the sake of democracy watch the video and publish this at other sites too."

Submission + - Virus kills braincancer (hipersonik.com)

jurt1235 writes: "Scientists of Yale University School of Medicine have discovered a virus which destroys cancerous braincells. This VSV virus is very selective in the cells it infects, and seems to make only small mistakes, only 1 in 10000 healthy cells gets infected. The working is still unknown (so, no it is not an engineered virus line in the movie "I am legend").

From the article: Metastatic tumors and malignant gliomas make up the majority of cancers in the brain. They are invariably fatal and there is currently no cure. From in vitro comparisons of a number of viruses, we selected one that appeared the best in selectively killing glioblastoma cells. Intravenous injection of VSVrp30a expressing a green fluorescent protein reporter, rapidly targeted and destroyed multiple types of human and mouse tumors implanted in the mouse brain, including glioblastoma and mammary tumors."

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