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Submission + - Samsung to Buy Amd

LuxuryYacht writes: According to South Korean media reports, Samsung is interested in AMD’s CPU and GPU properties and using AMD’s IP to ramp up its growth and stand against companies such as Intel and Qualcomm.

Submission + - Comcast Acquiring Time Warner Cable In All-Stock Deal Worth $45 Billion 1

An anonymous reader writes: Comcast has agreed to buy Time Warner Cable for $45 billion in stock, in a deal that would combine the nation's two biggest cable operators, according to people familiar with the situation. The boards of both companies have approved the transaction, which will be announced Thursday morning, one of the people said. If this merger goes thru, the new cable giant would tower over its closest video competitor, DirecTV, which has about 20 million video customers.

Comment yahoo's new old email reactivation (Score 1) 388

Yahoo in the last 6 months allowed you to create a list of alias accounts that you would like if they were available, first come first serve. I got my I haven't sent anything from it yet but get all kinds of emails that people apparently use as throwaways. The worst I have done is cancelled some woman's Bridal Appointment. My advice, don't be lazy and use an account that you think isn't active.

Comment Not many answers for AT WORK fitness (Score 1) 635

We recently visited an office that uses the treadmill desks and were impressed. However, since we don't have them yet we do have a Wellness Program. Since wellness is both physical and mental, it is important to reward individuals who normally wouldn't do any activity but sit there to actually do something. We have significant prizes for winners of the Wellness Program. We include points for walking, visiting gym, other physical activities, give gym membership reimbursements, and monetary reimbursements for smoking cessation (we test participants to make sure they aren't smoking). We also set up a Wii with lots of active games, DDR and Xbox 360 with Kinect and Nike Training to get people up and doing something in their downtime (most of our employees who are sitting around are on standby). We also provide a nutrition counselor and have regular healthy eating demonstrations. We also have financial training and planning seminars (to reduce stress). Wellness is important to our company, even though we are small, and it has helped many of our employees and while I don't have the data, I'm sure it has reduced our self-insured medical insurance costs to the company.

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