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Submission + - 'Italian job' Web attack hits 10,000 sites

maximus1 writes: Online criminals have installed malware on more than 10,000 Web sites over the past few days, primarily in Italy, according to Trend Micro Inc. and Websense Inc. Infected Web sites contain a short piece of HTML "iFrame" code that redirects the victim's Web browser to a server that attempts to infect the victim's computer using a tool called MPack which installs a keylogger and a Trojan downloader program on compromised PCs. Insiders refer to the attack as the "Italian Job" which refers to the Michael Caine heist film.

Submission + - Cars of the Future (

Lux writes: "Where will the car of the future come from?
NASA, MIT's Media Lab or Silicon Valley, where the sizzling, battery-powered Tesla Roadster debuted last summer. New technology that promises to revolutionize the automobile as we know it is emerging from research institutions and startups — and these innovations won't set you back $100,000 like a Tesla will... One experiment involves small electric motors located in the wheels of the CityCar, a tiny, nimble and practically silent vehicle with wheels that turn 360 degrees, enabling it to slip neatly into tight urban parking spaces. Others are looking to revolutionize the automobile's engine, not replace it."


Submission + - Searching through biological images

Roland Piquepaille writes: "Researchers at the Arizona State University (ASU) are working on software tools to analyze databases of biological images. One of these projects is using machine learning technology to compare the expression patterns captured in the images. So far, the software was used to explore a database of embryonic fruit flies images to see if the genes share the same spatial patterns. This would indicate that these genes also share similar functions. The goal of the developers is to build a tool able to search biological image databases as fast as Internet search engines are doing. Read more for additional references and a collage of fruit fly gene expression images."

Submission + - Robot snowblower lets Pennsylvania man relax

davidwr writes: A Pennsylvania man can take it easy while his robot snowblower does all the heavy lifting, er, blowing. It's basically a converted golf cart with a snowblower attachment, gear mods, and a remote-control hack. Is this the "must-have geek do-it-yourself-kit" for geeks in snow country next Christmas? Now if only the guys near Buffalo had a beowulf cluster of these babies last week....
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Submission + - New search Feature in Google

Voelspriet writes: "Its not perfect, but hey, its new. Google accepts all kind of new search words. Type employees and a name of a company in Google. Now you know: Yahoo has more employees then Google. Says who? Wikipedia. Google recognizes the keywords from the info box on many pages. But thats not all. What was a label of popgroup Queen? Googles answers Queen — Label: Parlophone and links to Amazon in the UK (but it doesnt say sponsored link). Ever wonder what genre Slayer is?

If you want to know what is the religion of India, Google suggests you to visit .. Yahoo for the answer. Ever wondered what my time zone is? The language in Canada? Now you know. The internet TLD of Tokelau? Yup, still .tk. But who says so? Google quotes, but this site based its information on the CIA World Factbook of 2004.

Sometimes the information is from 2003 or older, sometimes it isnt complete: IBM is there, Indian Railways not. So how does Google decide which source to use? I counted over 100 different sources. It appears Google is simply parsing the "Infobox_Company" from the Wikipedia and other similar templates from other online sources, thanks Frank for pointing this out to me."

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