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Comment Better to see women and minorities working in tech (Score 0) 119

jobs vs. living in poverty without them. I guess I'm the odd man out here in applauding their efforts to increase enrollments of women and minorities. Many of them don't have the familial and social supports in place to succeed in college. They aren't encouraged to go in a lot of cases, or maybe have dependents to support and have no funds to increase their lot in life. So what if the AP CS pass rates decreased. Enrollment and subsequent total number of students passing increased. Good on them, achieving a higher status in life through hard work and a newly available opportunity.

Comment Re:What's the target audience? (Score 1) 127

Those who would buy the generator are also likely to imagine themselves being all entrepreneurial and running a home based business printing others' widgets. They're very much the bootstrappy, self-reliant type and will assume to be able to print useful stuff, like guns, when the Armageddon comes. They'll call it an investment in future security, play with it a little, then keep it in storage just in case - like their weapons cache and generator. I can see preppers snapping these up along with the inks.

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