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Comment Consider using an external indexing engine (Score 2) 274

Regardless of which language or platform you use, a common bottleneck for web applications is the database resource. Most developers don't take large scalability into consideration when building the service architecture. If you plan to scale large in the future, I recommend you stop thinking of the database as the main source for all queries in your system. The basic idea is that costly and complex queries/searches can be given to an external scalable service. Take for instance, the Solr project ( which is a third party indexing tool that can be easily integrated with any other platform. You can design your system's database with the basic table relationships with primary keys, foreign keys and the occasional index. Any more complex table relationship, queries and searches can be delegated to this external indexing service. It will index whatever data you give it, in whatever manner you need, and return a list of results for you to easily find primary keys for direct access to your system objects. Think of it as your own personal Google indexing service... Solr is an Apache open source implementation. Once you understand this concept, you can keep you application's internal database very lean and simple, with just enough indexes and primary keys to get instant access to entities.

Comment Re:Sorry, I still don't get it... (Score 1) 165

[post edit] The only way I see this making any sense is if they mean that "changing your password will discard your current private/public keys and a new pair is created". That actually means your files locked with the old private key will, in fact, become unrecoverable. But that just seems..... stupid.

Comment Sorry, I still don't get it... (Score 1) 165

They are using public/private key encryption, which seems fine. Initially, I was curious as to how they would manage private keys. And this article -- kinda -- gives us an answer.

They are storing both private and public keys on their servers... but the private key is encrypted with my password, which they don't know. Even though they have the private key, it's protected and they can't use it to decrypt my files. That's all good. Standard. The password of my password.

However, I still can't wrap my head around the password change issue. They claim that changing my password will "re-encrypt" my private key, leaving my files still locked by the same key.... How exactly does that make my files "unrecoverable" ?

Unless they are using my "encrypted private key" to lock my files in the first place... which by itself is stupid and defeats the purpose.

If they have my private key "re-encrypted" with a new password -- and assuming I know my new password -- I should still be able decrypt the private key and unlock the files.

If I understood this correctly, uses the exact same approach and is managing fine allowing users to change their passwords.

Did anyone figure this out? I can't quite grasp what the issue is here.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 851

I'm happy to agree with you, and it makes sense to refuse the vaccine on arguments that actually make sense... But when people say "I won't take the shot 'cause Jesus told me not to" .. that's just not helping anyone. I can't imagine what other ludicrous and dangerous behavior these people may be allowed if they continue to care for sick people.

Comment Yes, I agree! (Score 1) 851

"I feel like in my personal faith walk, I have felt instructed not to get a flu vaccination, but it's also the whole matter of the right to choose what I put in my body"

I absolutely agree that you have the personal right to refuse a flu vaccine. Please, go along and exercise that right far away from patients who need medical care by professional people... you know... the ones that put their "beliefs" away from science.

Submission + - Starting next year, Brazil wants to track all cars electronically ( 1

juliohm writes: "As of Januay, Brazil intends to put into action a new system that will track vehicles of all kinds via radio frequency chips. It will take a few years to accomplish, but authorities will eventually require all vehicles to have an electronic chip installed, which will match every car to its rightfull owner. The chip will send the car's identification to antennas on highways and streets, soon to be spread all over the country. Eventually, it will be illegal to own a car without one.

Besides real time monitoring of traffic conditions, authorities will be able to integrate all kinds of services, such as traffic tickets, licensing and annual taxes, automatic toll charge, and much more. Benefits also include more security, since the system will make it harder for thieves to run far away with stolen vehicles, much less leave the country with one."

Comment Re:What about people with a multiple machines ? (Score 1) 178

I would imagine this to work more like a physical version of the Google Authenticator ( It won't replace your password, but it adds a tremendous ammount of security, since you can enable online services to be accessed by YOU alone using ONLY authorized machines.

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