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Comment What about the fun ? (Score 1) 331

What about trying to make games that are actually fun to play and not only the best looking on the market. I mean, it's been a long time since I've played a FPS that I could even remotely compare to Half Life or Quake 3. Maybe Battelefield 3 comes close and it's miles ahead of the competition.
I mean, Trine is freaking good, Terraria is so fun, Minecraft is amazing, Angry birds was so good (now it's getting a bit repetitive), etc...
I know it's now Sweeney's job to do game design and it's good to have people work on the technical stuff because that's what made Minecraft possible now and not ten years ago. But still, the game industry is producing way too much crap. Thank god we still have some indie developers.

Comment US-Europe cultural difference ? (Score 4, Insightful) 1271

Maybe it's the difference between the US and Europe, but here in Europe, not all doctors recommend all available vaccines. I wouldn't trust my doctor if he would recommend that I (or my children) get a vaccine against flue for example.

I try to avoid drugs as much as possible because I think most non-severe illness (headache, flue, etc...) can just be cured by getting some rest and trusting your body. From my experience, the people I know that take the most drugs are the ones that are the most ill (and I'm talking non-server illness here, of course I'd take drugs if I had a cancer). I don't now if there is a causality, but I would tend to think so.

So yeah, I have kind of the same approach to vaccination : I take vaccine for sever illness, but I would never vaccine against flue before I'm 90 years old.

Now, I've lived in the US for some time and I've been shocked by the amount of drugs people take everytime they feel somewhat bad. I think there is a middleground between the "listen to your body, it will cure cancer by itself" bullshit and the "omg, I have a headache, let's eat these 3 pills". Same for vaccine.

Comment Re:If they prohibit Google (Score 1) 257

In the original press Release (in French here ), it also says the privacy watchdog will meet with Google on Monday and that they have to fix their problems (looks like their blurring algorithm isn't working properly) in order to reactivate the service. But well, we have a quite strong privacy law in Switzerland and I think that's a good thing. But the main point is, _before_ starting taking pictures, Google and the privacy watchdog had an agreement (that the faces will be blurred). And _after_ taking the pictures, a lot of faces aren't actually blurred. So Google hasn't respected the agreement. Full stop. So either they can fix it, either they should have though about their algorithm not working properly in the first place.

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