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Comment Re:One lost vote for the Liberal Democrats then (Score 1) 208

Please do continue to vote Lib Dem! Our party policy on this is fairly clear, but we can't entirely control what individual parliamentarians do, especially Lords .... (elected Lords anybody?) I should say that I'm the Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate for Cambridge ... I and many colleagues have contacted the party and those peers to push the party line - which is clearly against any sort of DMCA-UK. You may be interested in official party policy at Otherwise, can I suggest you write to your local candidate and ask them what they think? You'll find many of us on the Open Rights side .... Julian

Comment Re:"Western"? (Score 1) 614

Sorry - this is wrong on a number of levels - as the poster notes later, the Liberal Democrats (NB not the Liberals, an extremely small rump party) didn't get more votes that the Conservatives, sadly. We (I was a parliamentary candidate for the Lib Dems, coming in second) did get rather fewer seats than our vote share reflected, as a result of FPTP - we need to change the electoral system. clearly. However, I don't think it's fair to say that there is significant Gerrymandering in the UK - the Boundary Commission works quite fairly here (again, I've been a witness at one of their hearings). It does take fewer votes to elect a Labour MP than a Tory MP, but this is essentially because of lower turn-outs in labour strongholds than Conservative ones. Unless constituency sizes are changed based on turnouts rather than population or number of registered voters, this will always be a problem with any constituency-based system. Julian
Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - It's not cheating if it happens in Second Life. ( 2

ElvaWSJ writes: "While his wife, Sue, watches television in the living room, Ric Hoogestraat chats online with what appears on the screen to be a tall, slim redhead. He's never met the woman outside of Second Life, but their relationship has taken on curiously real dimensions. They own two dogs, pay a mortgage together and spend hours shopping at the mall and taking long motorcycle rides. This May, when Mr. Hoogestraat, 53, needed real-life surgery, the redhead cheered him up with a private island that cost her $120,000 in the virtual world's currency, or about $480 in real-world dollars. Their bond is so strong that three months ago, Mr. Hoogestraat asked Janet Spielman, the 38-year-old Canadian woman who controls the redhead, to become his virtual wife."

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