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Comment Re:MythTV rant (Score 4, Informative) 214

Does it record to two files if the shows overlap (due to begin/end padding)?

Yes. You can create up to five virtual tuners per tuner card, which will solve this problem.

Does mythweb has a record button on the shedule overview?

This I don't know. I would check, but my Myth box is not connected to the Internet right now.

Does it play DVDs out of the box?

Yes, at least for me it does. (Mythbuntu 10.04)

Does it allow me find&copy the recorded files to another machine so I can watch them on the road? (searching trough the hashed filenames is no fun)

Sometimes I have copied an episode or a movie straight from the Mythweb interface to some other computer.


Ubuntu One Gets iPhone App For Contact Sync 115

oneone writes "Canonical is bringing its Ubuntu One cloud service (which we discussed last month) to handheld devices with a new mobile contact synchronization feature that is powered by Funambol. Canonical's Ubuntu One application for the iPhone is now available from the iTunes Music Store. Android and other mobile operating systems will be supported with Funambol's standard client application. The mobile sync feature is currently in the beta testing stage but will be generally available to Ubuntu One subscribers when Ubuntu 10.04 is released later this month. Canonical says that it is boosting its Ubuntu One server infrastructure in order to support what it anticipates will be record loads."

Science Attempts To Explain Heaven 692

Hugh Pickens writes "Lisa Miller writes in Newsweek about the thesis that heaven is not a real place, or even a process or a supernatural event, but rather something that happens in your brain as you die. The thesis is based, in part, on a growing body of research around near-death experience. According to a 2000 article by Bruce Greyson in The Lancet, between 9 and 18 percent of people who have been demonstrably near death report having had an NDE. Surveys of NDE accounts show great similarities in the details, describing: a tunnel, a light, a gate or a door, a sense of being out of the body, meeting people they know or have heard about, finding themselves in the presence of God, and then returning, changed. Scientists have theorized that NDEs occur as a kind of physiological self-defense mechanism when, in order to guard against damage during trauma, the brain releases protective chemicals that also happen to trigger intense hallucinations. This theory has gained traction after scientists realized that virtually all the features of an NDE can be reproduced with a stiff dose of ketamine, a short-acting, hallucinogenic, dissociative anesthetic. 'I came out into a golden Light. I rose into the Light and found myself having an unspoken interchange with the Light, which I believed to be God,' wrote one user of his experience under ketamine. 'Dante said it better,' writes Miller, 'but the vision is astonishingly the same.'"

Submission + - Over 100,000 passwords stolen and made public (

An anonymous reader writes: What a damage control disaster.

Apparently, a list containing over 100,000 cleartext usernames, passwords and email addresses, cracked from several Finnish sites, is circulating on the Internet. The list was made public late yesterday night.

Among others, there are email addresses from the Finnish police ( and the parliament ( on the list, so something potentially very harmful could be done.

On a lighter note, through this massive statistical data, it is proven that the two of the most popular passwords are "salasana" (Finnish for "password") and "123456".

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