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Comment Re:Lies, bullshit, and more lies ... (Score 1) 442

I took my time to review their claims that H1-B visas create jobs for american workers: http://www.renewoureconomy.org...

Here's an example of research they quote: http://immigrationworksusa.org...

Executive summary: companies that hire H1-B workers also hire US workers. Similarly if companies hire H1-B workers they lay off fewer domestic workers. There exists a strong correlation (or "association" in their terms) between hiring via H1-B visas and hiring locally. Claims that H1-B hiring directly causes jobs to be created for US workers are not substantiated by any research I could find.

Now, I'm only an armchair social scientist whereas authors of these studies are named as "Harvard professors" and such so I have no idea why they avoid absolutely obvious conclusion that successful and growing companies like to hire workers from both pools! I'll speculate that these companies prefer hiring workers who are more pliable, cheaper, easier to fire - ideally identured and that they also prefer keeping wages low. That makes companies more successful and profitable. Everyone knows that if a company is profitable it will aim to expand and to hire more workers - but to claim that company will hire expensive workers when cheap ones are available is moronic.

Submission + - Boeing Engineers Begin Vote On Strike This Week (manufacturing.net)

juicegg writes: 23,000 Boeing engineers, members of SPEEA, have until February 19th to decide if they want to go on strike.

The strike would slow down fixing the 787, but it has wider implications: white collar, professional workers are rarely union members and are not known for striking so Boeing engineers set precedent for other professionals. Also, in an unusual move for any union, the SPEEA engineers are rejecting a new contract offer that would guarantee pension benefits for current employees at the expense of new hires (who would receive a 401k instead of a pension). SPEEA is thinking ahead since tiered contracts are known to corrode unity and ultimately weaken the union. Grounding of 787 has given Boeing engineers additional leverage to demand that Boeing extends their original contract.

The union believes a strike would shut down Boeing production lines in Everett, Wash., where its big planes are made, as well as Renton, Wash., where it cranks out more than one of its widely-used 737s every day. A strike would also shut down Boeing's new, non-union plant in North Charleston, S.C., which makes 787s in addition to those assembled in Everett.

The Almighty Buck

Submission + - What would it take for developers to start their own union? (techcrunch.com)

juicegg writes: TechCrunch contributor Klint Finley writes that developers have shunned unions because traditional workplace demands like higher pay are not important to us while traditional unions are incapable of advocating for what developers care about most while at work: autonomy and self-management.

Is this how most developers feel? What about overtime, benefits, conditions for contractors and outsourcing concerns?

Are there any issues big enough to get developers and techies to make collective demands or is it not worth the risk? Do existing unions offer advantages or is it better to start from scratch?

Comment Quality control issues (Score 5, Informative) 184

Here's more relevant information about the reasons for the strike: http://www.businessinsider.com/foxconn-workers-go-on-strike-2012-10 The important bit is that workers are striking not because they are against stricter quality, but because tighter quality checks meant they must work harder to produce iPhone components presumably at the same rate as earlier models. And they were told to do this without additional training.Victory for workers would mean Foxconn hiring more workers and less exhausting working pace for all workers there.

Comment Not the usual news (Score 5, Informative) 134

There are not the usual kinds of riots and protests in China. It's no longer peasants in the villages protesting against stolen land, pollution or corruption - these are formally relatively quiet urban workers going on multi-day riots that the government is struggling to contain and that threaten to spread everywhere the same bad conditions exist. Things like stagnant wage rates with high inflation, abusive authorities and employers, political repression, etc: article from the Guardian

Submission + - They Lied About Fukushima. There's a Shock. (scienceblogs.com)

juicegg writes: So it turns out that there *was* a meltdown around reactor #1. Quite a lot of people suspected this from the visual evidence, but TEPCO and the Japanese government denied, denied, denied. Accusations that those arguing for a meltdown were all internet conspiracy theorists (which also occurred early in the Katrina disaster as well, and in other instances) were used to discredit people who argued that a meltdown had, in fact occurred.

This is a useful thing to know, because it gives you a sense of the dynamic being built up between governments and ordinary people as things become less stable on the world scene. On the one hand, extreme events are more common due to climate change, lack of ability to maintain infrastructure, etc... On the other hand, the idea that there is a coherence to these events, and that historically it is risky to trust official versions is maligned as conspiracy theorism.


Submission + - Eden Games Go On Strike Against Atari (rockpapershotgun.com)

juicegg writes: Eden Games – they behind Test Drive Unlimited 2 and the V-Rally series – and have had enough of their treatment from Atari, and in the face of enormous redundancies at the company and have gone on strike today. GI.biz report that in the face of sackings, the French studio has said enough, and are refusing to work. And they’ve a few choice words to explain why.

Submission + - Facebook Deletes Political Groups On Royal Wedding (wordpress.com)

juicegg writes: In an unprecedented move, in the last 12 hours, Facebook has deleted around 50 groups in United Kingdom. Majority of the deleted groups are a part of anti-cuts movement protesting UK's harsh austerity measures. Besides online censorship, UK police has also conducted many raids against political squats and social centers.

Submission + - Nokia Workers Walk Out After Microsoft News (geek.com)

An anonymous reader writes: After the announcement of the partnership between Nokia and Microsoft this morning workers voiced their concern with the deal by walking out of Nokia facilities. It is believed that as many as a thousand workers marched out today (or took the day off using flex time) so that the company would know that they don’t believe the partnership is in their best interest, even after CEO Stephen Elop’s startlingly frank “burning platform” memo earlier this week.

Submission + - Egypt shuts down Internet (yahoo.com)

juicegg writes: Egyptian government has disabled all Internet access and communications immediately after this video (warning: disturbing and NSFW) that looks like a police sniper killing a protester was posted on Associated Press website.

Earlier today US State Department urged both parties to show restrain. Egypt is the second largest recipient of US foreign aid.

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