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Submission + - Microsoft to Slash Data Center Costs in Half (datacenterknowledge.com)

miller60 writes: After years of investing up to $500 million in each data center project, Microsoft plans to slash spending about $250 million or less on each data center going forward. After a period in the data center industry in which greater scale usually was accompanied by a higher price tag, Microsoft's Kevin Timmons says his goal is for Microsoft's data center network to be "incredibly scalable at awesome cost effectiveness." Microsoft says its use of data center containers will allow it to forego the traditional concrete bunker in favor of a steel and aluminum structure built around a central power spine.

Comment Nope. (Score 1) 312

[root@struct etc]# rpm -q bind

[root@struct etc]# grep zone named.conf | wc -l

Freshly updated and restarted the service. Still have all my zones. Sounds like someone didn't do too well on the RHCE?

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