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Comment Re:Google/Youtube learning from Microsoft (Score 1) 267

Yes I get it and I've seen what happened to de facto standards before, i.e. IE html. That was a de facto standard too.

But I've seen many other good ideas been crippled due to one single proplem. They where not standardized.

So your actually making my point with phyton. Obj-c is not popular, it's only enforced by Apple to those who want to make apps for their products. Well you can if you have to use some c++ bridging but that is not the point.

Phyton is simply not popular, phyton is available on all major platforms. Obj-c is available to the mac users and linux user. How many linux users actually use GNU/Step? a few geeks. And most of them calling them selfs geeks don't understand the point of GNU/Step. If phyton got standardized like C. It may very well grow in popularity.

I'm not sure if C++ even is standardized at this point. But it may very well be as there has been some activity going around for achieving just that. Still a standard is better than free. IE was free too.

Comment Re:Google/Youtube learning from Microsoft (Score 1) 267

And why phyton isn't that popular either, what if it got standardized. Frozen or not..

A standardization body, will not be subject to sudden ideas of it's maker. Just look at PDF, how Adobe to day will not be able to change it easily, especially in a way that looks it tho them. It's a huge difference with a proprietary frozen code base and a standardized one.

Comment Re:ummm (Score 1) 591

Sigh, triangulation does happen with GPS satellites too, but then we just say GPS. When talking about triangulation they mean of the network stations, over GSM or what ever connection you have.

Furthermore your, phone is anyway tracked by the operators. And there triangulation is way more accurate, as they know their exact location of their antennas.

Comment Re:ummm (Score 1) 591

I tried to manually decipher the file name and location, it's not the easiest thing, if you don't use already developed tools for this task.

One more thing, if u turn on encryption, it seems like the file on the device is encrypted too not just the backups. Anyone with a JB iPhone that can confirm this?

Comment Re:Not anyone, really (Score 1) 373

They never look at the files, nor have any system that does it.

You know there is an other way, let the location data stay local. We say show this ad to New York areas and those who been in NY last month. The iPhone it self can determine if that add is a add that is to be downloaded and showed to the user. They never have to look or even manipulate the data on their end. Just keep a process for maintaining the data on the end device.

Perfect they can even make a framework so that third party applications can show ads based on that, without ever sending location data to anyone.

What they then may track is how many actually downloaded that add, how many clicked on it, and how many went and bought something based on that add.

This model makes all this possible without tracking anything of you, they just log you in your own private sphere, and never need to send the info anywhere. You even can opt for encrypting the information and it still works as supposed to.

The framework is called iAds. Not sure though if this is yet implemented. But comparing to google with global data about you, and Apple that only handles your local data on the local site. There is a huge difference.

The difference between logging and tracking. And it seems like Apple Logs a lot more than google, but tracks a whole lot less.

Comment Re:Not anyone, really (Score 1) 373

You really believe that your not tracked, just because your not on a smartphone.

Well you maybe aren't by google. But that you aren't either if you have a non android smart phone and don't use their services.

Same goes for iphone, and frankly. Even when ur on iPhone google has you tracked more than Apple.

Comment Re:Google/Youtube learning from Microsoft (Score 1) 267

Yes but now we do have a standardized format. Packaged as MPEG1,2,4.

Why use anything different that is not a standard allready. What I say, WebM is welcome in the game, if it is standardized.

And BTW what standard is there that isn't governed by a standardization committee, none!

But true that not everything that is a standard started of as a standard. Eg, PDF, IEEE1394. Still they are today governed by a standardization committee.

And this is my whole point. Unless WebM is standardized, use MPEG. If WebM get standardized consider it then, not before.

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