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Comment Re:The times they are a changin' (Score 1) 170

How is that so? on gnome 2 you had alt+f2 if you weren't using an application launcher (launchy/gnome-do/synapse). You could run without compositing (better performance on some games), you didn't have animations unless you wanted to.

Also it's not the only reason, some of the things that drove me away was the simplification of the individual apps (specially nautilus), the mania with integrating everything with online accounts, and bugs, many bugs sometimes critical (killing the entire session ).

Many things that gnome 3 did well (I documented some of them back then on my blog After all my eventual shift to i3 wouldn't have happened if I didn't went through gnome 3.

i3 is for me Gnome minus the resource load, load of bugs with my current hardware and many things that I frankly didn't use. As I said I don't bash gnome now that the initial "anger" is gone, but it's just not for me anymore. I run i3 with caja (old nautilus), moc for music, emacs.

Comment The times they are a changin' (Score 5, Insightful) 170

I was a former Gnome user and I ditched it, but to be honest, new users seem to like Gnome 3, for the obvious reason that touch interfaces are more familiar to them. They are more used to "slide to unlock" behaviours and such, big icons for rapid identification.

Sometimes it's worthy to make a little of self-criticism and realize that many of us aren't from this era of interfaces. I recognize that I hardly use a computer in the same way the average person uses it, I often rely on the terminal, I tend to remember programs by name rather than icon, and my workflow is probably way different than those born in the "apps" era.

It's Gnome for me? not anymore. Should it be? no, why should I force developers to do things as I like.

Gnome 3 is a good thing to have, because it enables free software to reach people that otherwise wouldn't be interested. Luckily for us, there are a plethora of options if you are fond of the old interface, and they seem to keep getting better and better (MATE, Xfce , KDE).

Comment Amusing reactions (Score 2) 371

I like how people are outraged by this idea, but somehow it's perfectly okay for cheerleaders on other places like football teams. When put into the "nerdy guys place" suddenly there is a whole sexual air to it, I see comments like: "they are like hookers", "poor girls how they suffer surrounded by nerds", "this is sexual abuse".

I think is valid to question western society (specially in the US) why it's acceptable to have "cheerleaders" showing their asses on public television before a football/basketball match but it's so outrageous have girls are hired motivate workers on one of the most profitable and stressful industries in the world.

To be honest programming is a stressful environment, and it's way better if you have motivation, somebody telling you you rock, you can do it, makes you work happier and better, doesn't even have to be a woman. I don't see it more outrageous than a cheerleader show before an NBA game in my opinion, which is in fact directed more at the public than the actual players so it's even more questionable in is necessity or usefullness.

Sorry for my crappy english.

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