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Comment Re:Around the block (Score 2) 429

All of these, except maybe Java, brought some real good to the table. There were a variety of side-trends that never really got off the ground, at least as silver bullets, like 5GLS, whatever they are.

Java has been my primary language for the sixteen years (yes, I'm old) I've been engineering professionally. Yes, there are things I would change about it if I had the power but overall I think it's great and I love it. If I could write in Java for the rest of my life I would die a happy man.

So yes, I would say it's brought a hell of a lot of good. A lot of mission critical (and I mean critical) infrastructure at the company I work at (that you've heard of) is written in it.

Comment Split the difference (Score 1) 277

The majority of people feel that DST is a bad idea and want it to stop. If that was done, the main question would then probably be whether to go to Standard time year-round, or "summer" time year-round (more).

Yes, I think it's a bad idea and want it to stop. I personally don't care which time we stick with, but to answer the question, why not split the difference? Spring forward a half hour and then leave the damn clocks alone.

Comment Re:Cataloging write-only archives (Score 1) 259

Many of them are crap. Another chunk are essentially duplicates where I have taken 20 photos to capture a moment.

Why keep the crap? Why keep the duplicates? When I organize pictures from a trip or whatever into an album my tools are a file manager, an image viewer, and a couple of really simple Java programs I wrote to rename files in bulk. As part of the process I delete the crap and the duplicates. I pick the one out of twenty pictures that best captures the moment and delete the rest.

Comment Re:Proprietary fonts (Score 1) 108

I agree that it's a problem but I don't think it's Unicode's. I don't think the consortium has set out to do anything but encode characters (and I think they're doing a good job). I imagine that coming up with a font for all those characters would be another massive undertaking.

And as much as I champion free software I would have no problem with a company stepping in and filling that need by selling such a font.

Comment Re:Or foregoing kids altogether (Score 1) 342

People may consider it selfish of us, but I'm not sure I want to bring any more human beings into this already over crowded world.

I'm wondering why anyone would consider you not wanting kids selfish. I've decided a long time ago that I would never want to father more than a single kid precisely because of overpopulation.

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