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Comment Re:I like the idea (Score 1) 126

There was just a bit on NPR about a study where they had parents force their four-year-old kids to completely clean their plates. They found that the next day, when faced with situations where they could choose how much to eat, they would choose larger portions for themselves than children in the control group.

Link escapes me.

Comment Re:Slower than current aircraft (Score 1) 459

I'll bet that another trade-off is flight stability. Minimal velocity is by definition close to stall velocity, ya? So you have less wiggle room should there be a problem. There might also be different airflow characteristics regarding the shape of the air at different speeds, and other secondary effects. Plus there the fuel-to-power ratio - it's nonlinear as well, based on the engine.

(I am no good at physics, just my untrained impressions here.)

Comment Re:Vindication (Score 1) 650

Let's be honest, James Lovelock doesn't speak for the entire movement, whatever else you want to say about that little statement.

I suspect that you're alluding the the larger notion that climate change is merely a vehicle for the increase of "world government". I find broad international regulation to be worrisome as well, but to suggest that the entire movement is inspired by such motivations is as disrespectful to the proponents of AGW as suggesting that all skeptics are oil-company cronies.

Comment Re:Show me the data (Score 1) 650

Some of the data on which the CRU's models are built was collected and then 'normalized' to account for the varying quality and change over time of the sites. The contention of skeptics is that since the 'raw' data and the methodology for the normalization are not clearly known in some cases, this brings the data into question. CRU and people who support it say that the normalization is sufficiently accurate. I, for one, am not satisfied.

Comment Re:Vindication (Score 3, Interesting) 650

Why would I apologize? Not that I'm a basher, more of a civilized critic. This report, while it doesn't implicate him in a "conspiracy", also readily admits that he's been treating people with my point of view as mere obstructions to his mission. My impression of Mr. Jones is that he believes firmly that something must be done about CO2 and the problems that come with it, all for very good reasons.

I also suspect that he knows that the normalization of the data would not hold up to scrutiny, but in his view there is too much at stake to risk the public airing of that laundry. His heart is in the right place, but I happen to believe quite firmly that the growing apathy regarding climate change is a perfect example of why we can't put all our environmental eggs in one basket. Why can't we just focus more on particulate emissions, groundwater contamination, and dozens of other issues which have clearly visible impacts on the biological world?

Comment Re:Does anyone use these? (Score 1) 225

Think about how police officers work. They are in and out of their vehicles in all kinds of weather. They might be doing a traffic stop or such and return to the vehicle wet from rain, and need to use the laptop. Think of fire fighters, who routinely get wet and dirty while responding to routine accidents and small fires. The insides of emergency vehicles need constant cleaning; if they didn't use a ruggedized computer the inside of the laptops would too.

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