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Comment Re:this is quite normal, said the panda-fish-robot (Score 1) 105

I'm not sure I believe this is true. I've been to many concerts where they've stated no recording devices.
The music industry has not successfully sued (settled maybe) very many "home" pirates, but I don't recall sample quality coming up in any of the lawsuits I've read about.
The movie industry on the other hand has a history of going after cam quality videos.
It seems that they are much more likely to go after well known exploiters, those they can make money off of, or those they can make precedent off of before they worry about the low vs high quality.

Comment Re:Subscribers? (Score 1) 85

They need to quick dicking around and make a mobile app for it (and support ChromeCast too, while they're at it). I have Prime, but I never use it for video because it's not convenient. Also, for that reason, I would never suggest it to someone else if they were looking for a place to watch videos. It's nice for 2 day shipping though.

Comment Re:whine (Score 1) 226

The issue with this in my experience (granted I've programmed exclusively for a single large company) is that Ops has no idea if the code needs to be reworked or not. They don't do the testing. Just make sure Prod is stable. They make Dev's fill out a bunch of paperwork so that they can claim it's not their fault when Prod crashes then they push whatever crap fell out of my fingers onto the box.

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