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Comment Re:DVR is expensive (Score 1) 70

Huh? The only way we can get TiVo in Sweden is with an all-inclusive package (DVR, EPG, DVB-C, and streaming) from $20/month (18 SD + 3 HD channels) to $44/month (57 SD + 29 HD channels). Netflix places somewhere inbetween content-wise, but is cheaper at just $10/month. To include some hardware, add a $250 HTPC (e.g. mITX Athlon 5350) and amortize it over 24 months, or a smart TV (e.g. LG 43LH570V) over 48 months.

We have a 7-day EPG over the air in DVB-T, and some TV models can record to USB hard disks and flash drives, so you could theoretically just watch the 8 free-to-air channels, and just pay the $20/month TV license (if that). Getting additional channels over DVB-T (or a competing cable network) would cost the same as TiVo.

If you actually want something to watch for cheap, Netflix wins. And if you skip the TV, no license is needed. Many Swedish millennials stream everything on their laptops (or smartphones).

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