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Comment Very cool... (Score 1) 18

Very cool and proven open source project - had been looking into this for emergency preparedness applications here in the U.S. Used since by journalists, rescue operations, NGOs, and general citizenry for gathering and managing crisis/resource data in Haiti, Syria, Gaza, Afghanistan - wherever it's needed. Currently being used to track the ebola epidemic in West Africa. http://blog.crisis.net/syrian-... http://firsttosee.org/

Comment Re:Vast improvement (Score 1) 96

The average life expectancy of someone in a nursing home is 2 - 3 years. This could be a huge leap forward in increasing the quality of life for the elderly, and I look forward to the tech that will be in place when I'm that old.

In that case, LE in the nursing home will decrease further, as the level of monitoring and direct care in the home improves and nursing homes become more for end-of-life care - care that still won't be provided in the home.

Comment Re:Here's Your Cocktail Napkin Business Plan (Score 1) 608

Bad plan - the whole appeal of Wikipedia is that the public can write something informative about relatively obscure topics - those topics would disappear. For example, Cleveland Clinic has a great entry because they're huge, but I wouldn't be able to create an informative article about an exceptional research hospital that's small and unknown. I doubt paid writers could handle even 5% of the material.

Comment Troubling (Score 1) 3

...and a woman sunbathing topless in Italy was questioned by police last week after a mother complained that the way she was applying suntan lotion was "troubling" her two young sons.

Yes - very troubling...

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