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Comment the bottom line (Score 3, Informative) 135

having read more than this article about it:
copyright holders, for the most part, are against ANYTHING that decrease their rights in any form. doesn't matter if it's for blind, crippled orphans. they should pay too. slippery slope and all that. in one of the articles the mafiaa lawyer actually said that. slippery slope in decreasing any copyright restrictions. they have worked too hard to get them increased to see things start going the other way....

gods, i hate the monkeys on this planet sometimes...

Comment the same but different... (Score 2, Interesting) 241

this is also why there are no more janes type sims. no one is willing to spend a week learning how to work the controls just so they can take off and not blow up.... (mig alley im looking at you).
i LOVED janes games. longbow, f15, f/a18. excellent gameplay, good replay, tough to learn in sim mode.

the only hardcore game like that left i know of is ww2online

Comment Exactly! (Score 1) 355

this is what has been in planning for a few years; to turn the net into cable tv. a delivery only system which gives total control to content on the net and also gives the failing media companies a new revenue stream.
there is a HUGE push behind this by many many media companies, so be very worried. only insane opposition has a hope of stopping this, and that is a slim one.


Submission + - Windows Genuine Adavantage hit me again!

An anonymous reader writes: I have been hit again by the Windows Genuine Advantage telling a customer that "I pirated Microsoft's software and sold it to them". Regardless of what the WGA actually tells them, This is how the phone calls start off when someone is told that by Microsoft's applet. Unlike all the other times were calling the WGA support line fixed the problem with an issue of a $85 per hour support call I had to eat, this last time was different. It was a computer built two and a half years ago which is well out of warranty and it hasn't had one problem with WGA until a few weeks ago.

After talking to the support people, they just told me because it was an OEM version they wouldn't do anything. They told me to goto the OEM and when I said I was the OEM they directly told me I should have used legit software. I got the customer on the phone who is the director of a county government department and they told him his only options were to spend $149.00 for the WGA fix it kit. He said I have the CD in hand with all the holograms, the sticker with the product key and even the cellophane that wraps around it with the Microsoft logos and all, they told him he should have bought it from a reputable dealer and went back to the "you can purchase the copy from Microsoft for $149" but this time talking about a Vista upgrade and a government contract.

The strange thing is that I cannot find the link to the webpage with the little letters saying your copy of XP failed validation and and big letters saying "fix this problem buy buying a legit copy of windows for $149" with links to various Vista upgrades that the WGA failure thing takes us to. When I copy the address and open it on another computer, it seems to fail to load. Without the computer Microsoft claims it pirated pushing you there in the first place, It cannot seem to find it. But there is little information outside how to buy a new copy of windows. You cannot even find a support number to call from this same page, You have to search around the pages to find it.

But you see, I got out of the Microsoft OEM program and purchase all my software from another OEM provider listed from Microsoft's website. I have talked to them and they claim if they can find their invoice for it, they will replace the product key. My beef isn't with them, they are bending over backward trying to help. The beef is with Microsoft and after 2 and a half years of flawless operation, flat out telling my customer that I was selling pirated software to them and they should look at for a more reputable vendor. Everything from the start was insulting My integrity and they ever recommended going with a dell or HP because these problems can be resolved easier with them.

I'm in Ohio, I have already spoke unofficially with one of the county prosecutors, My question is, has this happened to others? Were your customers left thinking they made a mistake by using you and buying your equipment instead of going with Dell and some large Microsoft approved consulting company? Isn't the way they are presenting this as stolen software with no way to make it correct slandering our good names? and shouldn't it be considered as unfair or deceptive business practices? After all, it isn't the operating system saying it is pirated, it is some addon program Microsoft installs under the guise of a security update. It does call into question your integrity and them offers to allow the customer to buy a legit copy directly from them afterwards.

I have noticed that people are already have lawsuits over the spyware issues associated with WGA. What do you think about the merits of a slander and liable claim for the damage the WGA does when incorrectly identifying software? How about the way Microsoft tells people their copy is fake and then offers a place to buy the software directly from them after making some statements about how you already obtained fake software. I see some issues here and hope to either get other motivated to starting a class action lawsuit as well as seeing what other standing can be gained from this. I'm a little pissed about the situation and I'm sick of having to reassure people they received a legal copy of windows, even when they come to me talking about one of the other mom and pop shops in town were I know that they sell legit software with their computers too. Microsoft already gives a huge discount to big OEMs and now they are trying to ruin the integrity and reputation of anyone competing with them. Something needs to be done and public pressure doesn't seem to be working with Microsoft.

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