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Comment Stored Routines (Score 1) 320

Stored Procedures are big for me, and MySQL is my absolute favorite. It's also really simple to create MySQL UDFs (user defined functions). I wrote and currently maintain MVProc (on SourceForge), which uses every feature MySQL offers in stored procs. I have wanted since the beginning to implement MVProc for other databases, especially PostgreSQL, but it's so feature poor I can't make it work without creating an entirely different product. Just my 2 cents.

Comment Re:Observations from Comcast's DNS Team (Score 1) 349

Hey I'm glad I can access you directly today, Jason. I've been on comcast since Sep '12 and I have had persistent problems with DNS resolution, but only on linux machines. Get this - even setting my linux machines to use for DNS does NOT resolve the problem. I had a laptop running linux and couldn't even bring up bankofamerica.com; if I started Windows in a virtual machine, windows was able to resolve DNS without issue; as long as Windows was running in the virual machine, the host computer (linux) was able to resolve; if Windows went to screen saver, DNS would stop resolving. The virtual guest uses the host's networking hardware and software, so why would receiving a request from Windows get a result while linux gets a stalled-out non-response? I ended up having to plug linux machines into routers that would then talk to the modem, AND THAT WORKS. There's some kind of stupidity at play in your network, but I'll be moving outside of Comcast's service area this year, so I don't even care if it gets fixed.

Comment True Believers (Score 1) 782

It's always a possibility that their hiring practices have leaned toward the "true believer" type, willing to sacrifice the higher salary for being part of "it." Incidentally, what makes you all think that these engineers' spouses don't work? Insensitive clods...

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