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Journal Journal: So it's been awhile ...

After a long hiatus, I decided once again to make an entry or two. If I am miraculously productive, I might even manage to make entrys often, then again, who knows. Chances are just as likely that I'd use that energy to something along the lines of Movable Type running on my FreeBSD box so that I could just not write on that blog (or maybe even defy all odds and actually keep it up to date).

Regardless, this entry isn't going to be very useful. I'd first like to express my happiness that my previous post on articles not being modded before their activity had ceased was unfounded. More recently I've noticed that the falloff of articles' activity and moderation is pretty much the same, and that if anything the only limiting factor on moderation being effective is the sheer number of posts.

Anyway, that's about it for now. Good to actually have time again now that I'm on break from school. Then again, I'm looking forward to getting back. Yeah Stanford.

-S ...

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Journal Journal: Musings about the moderation system 2

Although I don't really have an idea for improving the system, it seems that one flaw in the moderation system is the rapid falloff of moderation that occurs as the article ages. Specifically, by the time an article has reached near the end of the main page the moderation on it has nearly become static. Although we want moderation to seize at some point, this seems too soon. Would encouraging some moderators to read at +1 newest first correct such errors? There is a flaw here but I'm not sure its addressable; once an article gets enough comments it becomes increasingly hard to moderate, unless of course we have a comperable number of active moderators to commenters, which is most likely unfeasable. Anyway ... nuff said.

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Journal Journal: The Beginning

Ahem ... well then, here we go I guess.
To be honest, when slashdot first introduced the journal feature I scoffed at its usefulness especially in relation to my generally secure private or passive public use of the net, but with time all things as goes the saying. Anyway, so leave it to me to get interested in blogging after reading some article and finally getting fed up with not knowing what exactly a weblog was; I merely had the general idea. Being of course too paranoid regarding exploits to set up blogs on any of my boxes, and too lazy as well, the idea died until tonight.
So I guess here we go, a collection of my rants and raves, ideas, and ... well lets just say that every good end must have some beginning.

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