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Comment april fools? (Score 0) 126

This is very comparable to the field effect transistor. So the flow of electrons is controlled with magnetism instead of an electric field. Ok, but it still requires energy to create the gating field. Unless it requires less energy to create the magnetic field than it does to create the electrical field I don't see how this is in any way superior.

There's nothing that explains how the transistors are going to be dynamically reconfigured either.

I think either the reporter didn't understand or this is a joke.

Comment Hey! my driving record is better than that (Score 0) 465

Lots of interesting questions now pop up.

Does it pull over for cops?

Does it communicate with other cars and stop lights so they can all apply the gas simultaneously when the light changes?

Does it ask parking garages if they're full? Better yet will it ask if any cars are moving in the garage and go faster if it's got a clear shot?

Comment Better journalism please (Score -1) 372

The opening line here is a bait and switch. "Can a farmer commit patent infringement just by planting soybeans he bought on the open market?" The answer is no. He's not in violation for planting the seeds he bought. He's in violation for planting the seeds derived from that seeds he bought. Will you please grow up and write honest stories instead of this sensationalist garbage?

Comment THE POWER! (Score 0) 262

If the semiconductor has a high flux density quench then we could make a small toroidial coil and dump a large current into it. The stored power could then be extracted by magnetic coupling using a coil wrapped around it.

There's a down side though if you can store large amounts of power. If you break the circuit the power will need to go somewhere and you get a large explosion. It would make a good bomb, EMP weapon, replacement for gun powder (rail gun anyone?), car battery, etc. (I'm using this in my up coming MMO)

If you can store really large amounts of power then why bother with small power plants? Take your town battery to Niagra Falls, charge it up, then truck it back. No more power distribution grid problems and power loss over long haul lines.

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