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Comment Re:so? (Score 1) 921

There are other reasons for this. In addition to the fact most supermarket tomatoes are not vine ripened, most of them are genetically modified to improve shelf life and reduce resistance to disease. A vine ripened heirloom or beefsteak tomato tastes much better than an off-the-shelf tomato no matter what you spray on it.

Comment Re:paper (Score 1) 107

For casual reading where I can read in only one direction(from the front to the back, no skipping around) a kindle or similar device is very enticing. However, what about when I read a textbook or a technical book? More often than not I am trying to connect several similar concepts and have a finger or two marking my place as I rapidly switch between sections. How can I do that on a electronic device?

Comment Re:Dreamweaver code sucks (Score 1) 318

Seriously, have you used Dreamweaver? dreamweaver is far from one of those point-and-click WYSIWYG website creators of the 90s. I would wager that you would not be able to tell the difference from something created in dreamweaver and something created in, say, emacs.(provided, of course, that the creator is proficient in html+css)
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Playstation Network Gets Revised, More Restrictive ToS 75

LordDax writes "Sony just rolled out their new Terms of Service for the Playstation Network. The new ToS features additions about the Master & Subaccount relationship, specifically that you can only 'legally' create a sub account for your own child. No friends allowed. Where it really gets interesting is when you get to the additions to section 3.0 Community Code of Conduct. You now can't tell anyone your real name, where you live or basically anything besides your PSN ID. The new ToS also brings to light that SCEA is going to be monitoring every piece of communication and activitiy, and reserves the right to remove any content or communication they find objectionable without having to tell you in interests of SCEA, its users, or licensors. Another addition is: 'Some content may be provided automatically without notice when you sign into PSN. Such content may include automatic updates or upgrades which may change your current operating system, cause a loss of data or content or cause a loss of functionalities or utilities.'"

Ballmer Admits Google Apps Are Biting Into MS Office 293

twitter points out coverage of a discussion between Steve Ballmer and two Gartner analysts in which the Microsoft CEO admits that Google Apps is enjoying an advantage over Office by users who want to share their documents. He points to Office Live as their response to Google, and adds, "Google has the lead, but, if we're good at advertising, we'll compete with them in the consumer business." Whether or not they're good at advertising is still in question, if their recent attempts are any indication. Ballmer also made statements indicating some sort of arrangement with Yahoo! could still be in the works, but Microsoft was quick to step on that idea. Regarding Windows Vista, he said Microsoft was prepared for people to skip it altogether, and that Microsoft would be "ready" when it was time to deploy Windows 7.

Submission + - Stick to LaTeX 2

javierzinho writes: For many years I have been using LaTeX to compose scientific documents, but sincerely I'm getting tired of its complexity: it is necessary to install new packages for new features, compatibility issues are everywhere, you need to know commands for everything, table composition is a torture, image insertion an odyssey if you don't have the "right" format, and you need to be a LaTeX's jedi master to create a new document class. I'm looking for a document processor (NOT a word processor) as a viable replacement for LaTeX having all its advantages (consistency between text and math text, automated cross references, direct pdf creation, etc.) but not stuck with the compiler concept and weird 1980's font technology that uses LaTeX, I mean an application with visual interface and so on. I've tried Scientific Word and Lyx but both are front-ends for LaTeX, and Publicon only produces pdf files by ... exporting to LaTeX an subsequently using pdflatex. Add-ons for MS-Word are a joke, and webEq is intended for web publishing, not for pdf production. It seems no company has the guts to produce a decent scientific-structured document processor, am I wrong?, does anybody knows about a viable replacement for LaTeX in the form of a modern application?

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