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Submission + - Air Force launch two advanced cyberspace courses (

jskoda writes: The Air Force web site reports that two new courses are launching next week at the Air Force Institute of Technology, Center for Cyberspace Research to provide professional continuing education for Air Force cyber operations personnel. These courses along with new initial cyber training should help fill the ranks of the 24th Air Force.
PlayStation (Games)

Sony Continues To Lose Ground In Mobile Gaming 202

donniebaseball23 sends this quote from an opinion piece at Industry Gamers: "On Monday, news came down the pipeline from SCEE president Andrew House that Sony wants to focus on a younger audience for the PSP with future titles. My immediate reaction was one of shock and confusion. After all, in an interview with IndustryGamers at E3, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime noted that, 'the way I would describe the market for the Nintendo 3DS would be the launch market that we had with the Nintendo DS plus the launch market that maybe PSP had.' When your primary competitor is looking to the exact market that you've catered to, why would you abandon that market? There was a time when Sony Computer Entertainment was a trailblazer, bringing things to the industry ahead of everyone else. Nowadays, however, it seems that Sony is content to merely fall in step behind everyone else and simply try hard to not fall too far behind."

Comment Re:Nervous breakdown (Score 2, Insightful) 495

Getting burned out in one job can set you up for getting burned out in the next one as well. You become so happy that you aren't in your old job that you sign up for things and extra work in the new one because the new people/management are nice and you want to show how appreciative you are that you've with them and not in your old job, until you realize that you're back in the same type of situation: too much to do and not enough time/money to accomplish the tasks.

Comment Re:Nervous breakdown (Score 2, Insightful) 495

You can create a vicious cycle of burnout if you are not careful. You'll finally escape the old job with its overly demanding schedule and poor salary for a new job with a better salary and more reasonable task list. You're new job euphoria can put you in situations where you pick up extra work or some other duties because you're happy not to be in the old job and the manager at the new job wouldn't take advantage of you... You basically put yourself back into a burnout position grinding away until you find another new job with a better salary where you'll start out with more reasonable taskings, until you sign up for too much there too. The several posts here that suggest you take care of yourself are dead on! Listen to them. When you're hired into a position, that's the role you play and only deviate from the role for extremely good reasons and only for temporary taskings.
The Almighty Buck

Getting Paid Fairly When Job Responsibilities Spiral? 495

greymond writes "I was originally hired as an Online Content Producer to write articles for a company website as well as start up the company's social media outlets on Facebook and Twitter. With budget cuts and layoffs I ended up also taking over the website facilitation for three of the company's websites (they let go of the current webmaster). During this time the company has been developing a new website and I was handed the role of pseudo project manager to make sure the developer stayed on course with the project's due date. Now that we're closer to launch the company has informed me that they don't have the budget or staff in place to set up the web server and have tasked me with setting up the LAMP and Zend App on an Amazon EC2 setup. While it's been years since I worked this much with Linux I'm picking it up and moving things along. Needless to say I want to ask for more money, as well as more resources (as well as a better title that fits my roles), but what is the best way to go about this? Of course my other thought is that I'd much rather go back to writing and working with marketing than getting back into IT."

CrunchPad Being Re-branded As JooJoo 277

adeelarshad82 writes to tell us that Fusion Garage seems to be ignoring the drama surrounding the "CrunchPad" and is planning to launch their "JooJoo" tablet this Friday at midnight. Unfortunately, the device will be a long way from the imagined $200 price point, weighing in at a hefty $499. "The JooJoo comes in black and has a capacitive touch screen, enough graphic power to deliver full high-definition video, offline capabilities, and a 4GB solid-state drive, though 'most of the storage is done in the cloud,' Rathakrishnan said. He promised 5 hours of battery life. In a demo during the webcast, the device powered on in about 10 seconds, and showed icons for web-based services like Twitter, Hulu, CNN, and Gmail, though the JooJoo will not come pre-loaded with any apps, Rathakrishnan said. Scroll through them with your finger as you would on the iPhone. In terms of the ownership drama, Rathakrishnan said that TechCrunch editor Arrington has created an 'incomplete and distorted story.'"

Comment Re:the real threat will be government intervention (Score 1) 388

Actually I agree with your original premise and would also like to see regulated journalistic standards. I have the same level of trust for self-policed professional bodies as I do for government officials and corporate officers. The distinction between government granting rights versus human beings having rights that are not to be infringed is an important distinction that many people (even Americans) lose sight of. Government owned and operated journalism seems to run counter to the 1st amendment, but I don't see anything wrong with legislating standard for journalistic quality. There are several parallels already, FDA ensure drugs and food are safe. FEC ensures elections are fair, why not a Federal agency to ensure news reports are factually accurate and that when mistakes are made corrections are issued?

Comment Re:the real threat will be government intervention (Score 1) 388

PS the First Amendment is government intervention. Jeez.

No, your characterization of the Bill of Rights is flawed. The Bill of Rights is a set of restrictions on the actions of the government. It is not a granting of privileges to the citizenry. Free speech and free press are inalienable human rights that the government cannot prohibit.


Submission + - Verizon/Droid Marketing Gaff: SCUD missiles ( 1

jskoda writes: The latest Verizon/Droid commercial seeks to differentiate the Droid phone by touting speed and functionality over aesthetics. The commercial has catchy music and moves quickly from scene to scene to generate excitement and emphasis the speed over looks message. The fatal flaw here, for an American target audience is that the commercial suggests that Droid is as fast as a racehorse duct taped to a SCUD missile.

The SCUD missile has a dubious success rate when used in combat and has been historically used by nations who are at best "unfriendly" to America (Syria, Iran, North Korea.) I hope they don't use the ad in Israel, SCUD missile hit that country in 1977. I'm also guessing that Gulf War I vets won't be favorably influenced by the ad since SCUD were fired at US troops in the early 1990s.

If you watch carefully, you'll notice that the missile in the ad appears to be a Polaris. That sort of detail is something people in the geek community will notice and if you are marketing a product for the geek culture you better know your rockets before you send your ad out.


The Noisy and Prolonged Death of Journalism 388

The war of words between the old and the new media is heating up some more. Eric Schmidt has an op-ed in Rupert Murdoch's WSJ (ironic, that) explaining to newspapers how Google wants to, and is trying to, help them. Kara Swisher's BoomTown column translates and deconstructs Schmidt's argument, hilariously. A few days back, the Washington Post's Michael Gerson became the latest journo to bemoan the death of journalism at the hands of the Internet; and investigative blogger Radley Balko quickly called B.S. on Gerson's claim that (all?) bloggers simply steal from (all?) hard-working, honest, ethical print journalists.
Media (Apple)

Submission + - Please not another Newton 2.0 rumor (

jskoda writes: "Hasn't it been long enough? How many years will Apple and the tech media keep kicking around Newton enthusiasts and stir up rumors of a Newtonesque Apple device? A report from the Register says that there are more leaks from Chinese suppliers The 10 inch touch screen parts order and the purchase of a semiconductor company. Oh yeah! That means the Newton is coming back for sure this time. Another blog suggested that Apple and Verizon are in talks for wireless connectivity deals. Yet another site mentions that Apple is yet again looking for handwriting recognition developers. Of course that means the new tablet will use Inkwell and support stylus input. Oh boy, maybe this time it's true. Enough! I won't get pulled into the euphoria of yet another instance of "The Newton is coming back." I miss my Messagepad 2100, but my iPhone does almost everything the Newton did and there are a few things the phone can do that the Newton couldn't. I'm not going to get sucked into another round of watching Apple for the return of my favorite computer. I'm not going to scour the web for every little tid bit of Apple machinations between now and October. I won't do it."

Submission + - Cyber attacks on Independence day (

jskoda writes: "Looks like someone thought DDoS'ing government web sites on a holiday would be a good idea. Since most federal employees had a nice long weekend, it's a fairly sound strategy. The whole story is here: Hitting the network when the watchers are away is a good plan. I've always made sure my data center is staffed when the new Star Wars|Trek movie comes out or when Blizzard drops a new video game. Don't want to let the bad guys get in just because most of the staff is sick with Lich King Fever."

Submission + - Vermont named most-improved for e-prescribing (

jskoda writes: "Tech News Vermont reports about Vermont being named most improved by Surescripts. The state improved its less than 1 percent use of electronic prescription systems to nearly 5 percent. That's a big step for a state that was one of the last to require picture drivers liceneses and still has no 3G cell coverage and far lower than national average broadband coverage."

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