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Comment Re:Are they counting in the cost of windows update (Score 1) 503

I also run my own I.T. business, and I service about 300 small businesses, so about 1,000 computers. I'd say about 1/3 of the computers that upgraded to win10 are now back on win7 because win10 crashed itself. A lot of the users don't even have admin permissions to their own computers, so I KNOW it's not their fault. Windows 10 just crashes itself over time. Windows 7 doesn't. I hope microsoft gets that fixed before win7 goes obsolete in year 2020.

Comment Re:Less hiss and clearer sound (Score 1) 303

Hope it works out better than the digital television transition in the United States in 2009. I went from having 6 usable channels to about 20 unusable channels and 1 usable channel. I bought a huge 30' tall 10' wide outdoor antenna, a good amp, and tried 3 different brand receivers before giving up and getting rid of all my TVs and switching to torrented content. I would be in the middle of a show and it would start cutting out as the clouds moved by. It always cut out at the most frustrating times. I also hated the huge delay required to switch channels. I would be so pissed if they made FM useless. I guess i'd have to get an MP3 player for my car and spend a lot of time keeping it updated with the latest music.

Comment "Best SSD" is an evo??? (Score 1) 40

really? I'll never trust any review from that website just because of their SSD article. The samsung evo is a TLC SSD that is infamous for it's low reliability and firmware problems, and it's the last SSD I'd ever recommend. The samsung 830,840,850 PRO however deserves first place. The authors should be fired. Also, most people don't need 512GB or more. I've installed hundreds of SSDs for businesses as well as residential and 95% of them use less than 40GB, so I go with 128GB drives.

Comment Latency due to geostationary distance (Score 1) 245

why are you multiplying by 4 instead of 2?

geostationary orbit is 35,786km above sea level.
so round trip would be 71,572km.
speed of light is exactly 300,000km/second.
(it's exact because the definition of a meter is based on speed of light)

300,000 / 71,572 = 0.23857333 seconds
or 239ms.

100ms equipment overhead? are you using a 1200b/s serial cable to connect to your satellite modem? i can ping google at 14ms. surely the backbone connection at the base station can beat my connection. 239+14=253ms theoretical speed. i expect no more than 300ms even during the busy time of the day.

Comment Re:I've noticed this too (Score 1) 601

yes! i agree! talking on the phone is SO inefficient! the problem is, both parties have to have free time, at the same time. this is good if both parties are not doing anything more than 50% of the time! I've considered hiring somebody just to talk on the phone and transcribe it to email for me. I have a hard time getting people off the phone without being rude too. yes, my grandmother is doing fine. yes, I'm staying busy.

Comment I was in your situation (Score 1) 523

my local college gave me the run around trying to graduate. i had over 100 hours and straight A's but they kept changing the degree plan until i dropped out without even a 2yr degree. I applied at every computer store around, which was only 3. they all laughed at me. that's when i started my own business. that was 10 years ago. since then, i have put them all out of business. and i did it without ever advertising. all word of mouth. i do all the work for practically every business in the city (a little over 100). it wasn't easy, sometimes i work 16 hours/day, 7 days/week. I'm so happy today, i wouldn't work for somebody else for twice the salary. now if i can just figure out how to get rich too...

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