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Comment Re:another government crime against humanity (Score 2) 752

Cue Family Guy "let's get rid of government" reference: Now that we've freed ourselves from the terrible shackles of government, it's time to replace it with something better. The first thing we need is a system of rules that everyone must live by. ..Got to have rules. And since we can't spend all our time making rules, I think that we should elect some people to represent us, and they should make rules and choices on our behalf. ..That's probably a good idea. Now, this may be kind of expensive, so I got a plan: everyone should have to give some money from their salaries each year. Poor people will give a little bit of money and rich people will give a larger amount of money, and our representatives will use all that money to hire some people who will then provide us with social order and basic services. Now, it won't be perfect. Some of our representatives may end up being bastards. But you know what? That's okay 'cause later we're going to have more elections, and we can use those elections to get rid of the bad guys and replace 'em with good guys, and then the system will just keep going on and on just like that. So who's with me? Will you join me in trying this new crazy thing? Then let's do it. Yeah, and we did it all without government.

Comment Re:Surprise (Score 5, Insightful) 114

I think there's a difference between "being willing to accept the risk of my credit card(s) being compromised on the internet" and "being willing to accept the risk of every account password I have being compromised on the internet". I essentially have insurance to help me recover losses from my credit cards. Having every bank account and retirement account drained by an enterprising criminal with access to all of my account and personal details is on a completely different risk level.

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