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Comment Re:This is not a problem. (Score 1) 207

wow. tone-deaf hipster much?

A online data entry form demands the years you attended college - calendar years, not number of years. "Your" years aren't there. Your choices - Lie and say you went to college at a different time (good luck with the verification process), or omit college altogether because "it's more than 20 years old". Lie, get caught, get thrown out. Omit, don't make it past the first layer "they need this much education".

Comment Re:It is inevitable (Score 1) 293

except for the inevitable DRM that will eventually be added to the battery that will not allow it to be charged except by a volvo-specified charging certified mechanic that uses a plug with 16.8 prongs all varying in length by 1 millimeter. The DRM will be cracked less than 24 hours after it's been put on the market but the 8 year old who cracks it will spend his entire adolescent and adult life involved in endless DMCA suits and appeals.

Comment Who remembers Proventil? (Score 1) 394

I've been using Albuterol since it was brand-name Proventil, then it got cheap when the generic Albuterol became available. Now it's the *same* drug (presumably - IANAD), but new propellant(?), and no longer generic(!), and, odd, no longer cheap(!$). Hmmm. One could wonder who's really running this ship? (yes, sarcasm)

Comment Re:Doesn't Make Economic Sense (Score 1) 769

on the east coast it tracks with the heating oil season (diesel is the same as #2 heating oil, just without the dye that says "you haven't paid your road taxes").

I commute a tad over 30 miles each way. A tank lasts me 7-12 days depending on the number of weekend errands. There are a couple of places nearby that sell bio but they're typically 80 cents to a dollar more/gallon, and quite a bit off the beaten path. Ergo, 100% Dead Dino for me.

Yikes! You got rooked on a battery. I shelled out just under $100 from AutoZone a couple months back.

But, yes, repairs are steep. I have a laundry list of things that have to be done and I'm just waiting for *that* *much* more extra money at the end of the month before I take it in.

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