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Comment Re:As a mechanical engineer... (Score 1) 152

They learn little by pressing "print". However, if the school is teaching students how to create the models and all of the prerequisites leading up to that, then they learn a lot. Advanced classes can expand on that by allowing students to create new object solutions to problems they see.

Oh, and the schools can possibly increase the use of manipulative models in their classrooms by printing them instead of purchasing them from someone else. This also allows teachers to more innovative by modifying the manipulative teaching aids and by creating new ones that may not even be available. As an example, a group of teachers could get together to recreate a miniature section of an ancient city, both in its current destroyed form and perhaps how it might have looked when new and whole. that is something that you don't just purchase from a catalog.

Comment Seems to be a big miss (Score 1) 603

I didn't read all of the comments, but got through a good many. Something that the TSA Union and all of the posting that I read missed is that arming the TSA, adding additional checkpoints out beyond the current TSA ones, and other similar type requests would not have stopped what happened. A guy with a hidden weapon (a gun this time, but could be a bomb next time, or poison gas, etc.) walked up to the first TSA agent he encountered and killed him. It is very, very difficult to prevent that from happening. Just ask the guys that man checkpoints for the military – people that usually have a lot of firepower ready to be used unless some dumb presidential order tells them not to (e.g. Beirut Marine Barracks bombing).

Taking the job as a guard means that you are volunteering to be put in harm's way. That is the nature of the job. To keep your life, do all you legally/morally can to protect yourself and your charges.

Comment The real issue for dealerships (Score 1) 364

I didn't read every single posting so I might have missed one. However, the gist of the many that I did read related to maintenance costs or gripes about dealers. Both areas had posts that were accurate and both had posts that were either BS or typical /. anti-capitalism rants.

Wellthe dealer rants are sort of right, in this case, but they are missing the real issue. Tesla's high-end luxury cars are not a threat to most dealers. The threat is that a car maker is selling cars without a dealer. This is a threat because, if they allow it, then the other car makers (Ford, GM, Chrysler,Toyota, Nissan, Honda, etc.) will finally have some traction to get rid of the middleman dealers. For the high population areas, they would love to do that and keep more of the profit themselves. I believe that you would still see dealers in the low-population areas because the risk reward ratio isn't nearly as favorable to them.

By the way, there has been and always will be a case for various dealers at different points in a market's life cycle. Calling them low-lifes just because they are dealers is childish and just wrong. They are no more wrong and crappy than a /.'er that thinks that everything they want in life should be free - just because they say so.

Comment Re:How stupid is a Mac Pro Cylinder? (Score 1) 607

Not to mention, the whole "hey see my sleek cylinder computer right next to the stack of crap that wouldn't fit inside the case" mental image changes how "cool" that trashbucket-shaped machine looks.

As opposed to what many here would like to be seen as "Hey look at all the crap I stuff into this box with lights through my clear plexiglass side panel!"?

And how are powering up/down external devices any different if they are video/audio components than if they are any other device such as storage or connectivity?

Comment Re:How stupid is a Mac Pro Cylinder? (Score 1) 607

Thunderbolt is no SCSI. While SCSI was tremendous for the day, you had terminators (get the right one or you were screwed), issues with where in the chain each device sat, and as you pointed out, powering up/down issues.

Thunderbolt devices are pretty much like very high-power USB devices. Put them in and pull them out in any order and at any time. Not to mention that Thunderbolt cables are extremely thin and pliable. The old SCSI cables were huge. And don't get me started on the size of the connectors!

Comment Cubicles (Score 1) 320

The point behind cubicle dwellers drooling over tablets is because they don't want to be sitting in the little cubes any more. And while that is just a wishful dream for many, there are many others who could be more productive by being able to move about and still have their computing resources in their hands. Not everyone is a code banger that has to be hunched over a keyboard with 2-3 27" screens and a PBX handset within reach at all times.

Comment Possible, yes. But... (Score 1) 318

...the reality is that the vast majority of people only use Android devices for texting or calling. Just like they did with their feature phones. They were simply upgraded to an Android handset because the salesperson got a bonus for doing so and it was probably a free p.o.s. that fit the budget of the buyer perfectly.

So, while it is "possible", it is very unlikely that the mass user base even know what can be done much less how to do it. Nor do they care.

And your opinion about the malware problem "seem"ing to be overblown is meaningless. The facts are that Android devices are being compromised all over the world and real damage is being done to millions of owners.

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