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Comment Re:In an ideal world... (Score 5, Informative) 396

In the K-12 district for which I work, there have ~600 staff (teachers/non-teachers), ~7800 student users and about 3000 workstations + notebooks. We're a Windows (XP for educational software product requirements) shop and run AD. In the past two years we've reigned in administrative users [even I, the sysadmin, run as a limited user on my workstation] and implemented a fairly detailed SRP White Listing. These two changes alone greatly reduced not only issues with crap-ware infections, but greatly reduced technician support time requirements.

The vast majority of our users [excluding the students who can no longer run proxy software] Do. Not. Fucking. Hate. Us. You would be surprised how happy people are when their computers "just work" and don't require cleaning/futzing every couple weeks.

I /cannot/ recommend enough budgeting time to investigate what SRP can do for your network.


How Google Routes Around Outages 105

1sockchuck writes "Making changes to Google's search infrastructure is akin to 'changing the tires on a car while you're going at 60 down the freeway,' according to Urs Holzle, who oversees the company's massive data center operations. In a Q-and-A with Data Center Knowledge, Holzle discusses Google's infrastructure, how it has engineered its system to route around hardware failures, and how it responds when something goes awry. These updates usually go unnoticed, but during system maintenance last month a software bug triggered an outage for Gmail."

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