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Submission + - Kove® XPD L2 Sets 5 Microsecond Storage Latency World Record (reuters.com)

jschmitz writes: "Kove high-speed storage technology is particularly useful for time-sensitive pre-trade risk assessment, now required of high-speed trading.

Kove benchmarks include:

1.The world’s lowest round trip latency of 6 microseconds for read and 8 microseconds for writes
2.The world’s highest IOPS of 11.7 Million in 4U in a single addressable space
3.The world’s highest bandwidth of 28.5 Gigabytes/second in 4U in a single addressable space
4.The market’s highest density, 2 Terabyte Memory Disk, Xpress Disk Gen 2 (XPD2)
By using industry standard dynamic random access memory (DRAM) chips, the Kove XPD2s "outperform all other solutions," including flash memory and spinning disks, the firm asserted. The equipment used during the testing process was provided by R Systems, a high-performance computing consultancy."

Sun Microsystems

Submission + - Scott McNealy to Launch bid to take Sun private! (i-newswire.com)

jschmitz writes: "Scott McNealy announced that he has resigned as Chairman of the Board of Sun Microsystems ( NASDAQ: JAVA ) to link with an investor group to launch a counter-bid for the company. McNealy commented: "The terms IBM is offering are far below the intrinsic value of the company. IBM is trying to swoop in during a bad economic time and buy Sun assets and revenues with no regard to developing real value for Sun shareholders." The exact composition of the investor syndicate has not been announced but it does include Carl Icahn. Icahn is said to be prepared to use the same approach he employed with BEA Systems, another technology infrastructure company he successfully put into play. Eventually BEA went into the maw of Oracle."
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - Let's Rock: Apple Unveils New iPods, Genius Playli (wired.com)

jschmitz writes: "SAN FRANCISCO — Apple Inc. emphasized its leadership in the digital music market this morning at an event in San Francisco, as CEO Steve Jobs introduced new models of its most popular iPod music players, as well as a new version of the company's iTunes media management software. The revised version of the iPod Touch and iPod Nano, as well as iTunes 8 all include a new feature called "Genius," which Apple touts as an easy way to create playlists based on the song you're listening to and the music in your library. The fourth-generation iPod Nano is the thinnest player Apple has ever made, at just 0.2 inches thick. It returns to the portrait orientation of the first two generations of the Nano, while preserving the same screen size as last year's third-generation model. Additionally, there is now an accelerometer built into the Nano, which allows for instant resizing of photos and menus based on the orientation of the player, just like the iPhone and iPod Touch."
Sun Microsystems

Submission + - Sun to Build 'Macrochip' Using On-Chip Optics (extremetech.com)

jschmitz writes: "Assisted by a $44.29 million investment from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Sun Microsystems said Monday that it would attempt to create a virtual supercomputer using optical interconnects to connect commodity microprocessors. The program will take place over the next five and a half years,and will be funded by DARPA. A preliminary payment of $8.1 million has been paid by the agency to Sun. Sun's program combines optical signaling with Proximity Communication, its key chip-to-chip I/O technology, to construct arrays of low-cost chips in a single virtual "macrochip," the company said. Talk about star wars!! I new they have been working on the proximity chip but this is pretty wild!"
Sun Microsystems

Submission + - Sun to roll out solid state disks and storage (dvhardware.net)

jschmitz writes: "Sun is getting ready to unveil its OpenStorage initiative featuring solid state disks among other things. Should be interesting to see what happens — Its all bundled around OpenSolaris.....cool stuff!"Fowler, executive vice president of systems at Sun Microsystems, and other company executives on June 4 are announcing that OEMs will integrate SSDs (solid state disks) with the bulk of its hardware and software offerings, and will also build services around helping customers embrace and deploy the Flash technology. ""
Data Storage

Submission + - Virtualized datacenter in shipping container!

jschmitz writes: "Now that there is a surplus of shipping containers in the US people are starting to get creative with them. Sun Microsystems for instance have built a virtualized datacenter in one. They are calling it Project Blackbox http://www.sun.com/emrkt/blackbox/index.jsp It sounds like an amazing idea for rapid deployment in "hard to build datacenter" areas, relief efforts in disaster area's things like that. Here are some of the specs from Sun's website.. A single Project Blackbox could accommodate 250 Sun Fire T1000 servers with the CoolThreads technology with 2000 cores and 8000 simultaneous threads. A single Project Blackbox could accommodate 250 x64-based servers with 1000 cores. A single Project Blackbox could provide as much as 1.5 petabytes of disk storage or 2 petabytes of tape storage A single Project Blackbox could provide 7 terabytes of memory. A single Project Blackbox could handle up to 10,000 simultaneous desktop users. A single Project Blackbox currently has sufficient power and cooling to support 200 kilowatts of rackmounted equipment. Sounds mighty impressive! What do you guys think?"

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