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Comment Discussing blog issues (Score 0) 512

is the new fad.

Welcome to Digg guys, watch your step and make sure you say hi to the mac fanbois on your way in. /s

Honestly why the fuck are you dissecting a shitty blog piece? As the tag says "why do books still have chapters?" Sometimes chapters are a Good Thing, and this fucking blog is trolling it around.

But hey, since we're on Digg, I guess discussing blogs is A-OK.

30 Days With Ubuntu Linux 852

jkwdoc writes "Vexed by Vista's hardware requirements and product activation issues, many have claimed on various boards that they plan to 'switch to Linux.' [H] Consumer spent 30 days using nothing but Ubuntu Linux to find out if this is truly a viable alternative for the consumer. Linux has indeed become much more than the 'Programmer's OS.'"
The Courts

DoD Warez Leader Faces 10 Years in Jail 339

An anonymous reader writes "After spending nearly 3 years in a detention center fighting his extradition from Australia, a leader of notorious warez group 'DrinkorDie' was yesterday arraigned before a U.S. District Court to face charges of conspiracy to commit criminal copyright infringement and one count of actual criminal copyright infringement. If found guilty he faces 10 years in jail & a $500,000 fine."

Top Ten Open Source Innovators 152

42istheanswer writes "Open source is so much more than Linux these days. A lot is happening beyond the popular operating system. Open source models are thriving in CRM (SugarCRM), messaging (Scalix), and systems management (Zenoss). Datamation has identified ten leading commercial open-source innovators and the projects they are working on in their article, Ten Leading Open Source Innovators."
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Canadian Telco reverses decision to sell porn

LordEd writes: Last month, westcoaster004 reported that Telus had started selling pornography to its cellular subscribers.

Today, Telus withdrew its adult content due to pressure from both business and Catholic organizations, including an instruction from Vancouver's Catholic archdiocese to cancel cell phone contracts at 130 parishes and schools.

"After receiving several hundred customer complaints — most of them from Western Canada — and a number of service cancellations, Telus has decided to discontinue the service", Johannsson said.

There will be no formal announcement of the decision.

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