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Comment Re:variables that affect climate (Score 1) 371

The so-called climate scientists have reduced the complicated coupled system that is climate to one variable: CO2 (cause or effect?). As the best engineer I know told me in grad school, people will ignore variables until they understand the problem. The last time I spoke with a PhD climate modeler (about 5 or so years ago), he told me their models (or at least his) assume the output of the Sun is constant. Apparently, NASA's instruments don't see variability in the output of the Sun, which actually raises more questions. Again, the question that should be debated is whether civilization is prepared for a changing and unpredictable climate. My guess is we are not.

Comment variables that affect climate (Score 2) 371

If there's one variable that affects the Earth's climate, it's the output of the Sun. If there's a second variable that affects the Earth's climate, it's the kinematics of the Earth about the Sun. Neither should be considered constant. The real hoax was that climate is constant, predictable, and controllable. The real debate should be whether civilization is prepared for a unpredictable, Climate change alarmists are doubling down on more command and control.

Comment History of HIT (and HIIT) (Score 1) 437

The question of how little exercise is needed for the beneficial effects was asked scientifically by Arthur Jones, inventor of the Nautlius workout equipment. It was further refined by bodybuilder Mike Mentzer who was a Jones acolyte. The books Body by Science and Congruent Exercise is a relatively up to date compilation of what Jones observed over his career. Also, the concept of intervals was made popular by a Japanese researcher named Tabata, who observed that anaerobic training improved aerobic capacity, whereas aerobic training did not improve anaerobic capacity. That is, anaerobic metabolism drives aerobic metabolism.

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