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Comment Re:AES (Score 1) 49

I thought the whole point of asymmetric keys is that you can send the "encode" key in band and keep the secret "decode" key yourself.

Yes, but assymetric encryption is slow, because you need about 5 - 10 times the key size to get the same level of security, and the algorithms are more complex. So in practice you only use it to encrypt a symmetric key, which you will use for the rest of the session.

Comment Re:Those jobs aren't coming back in 10 years (Score 1) 70

No need to just suspect. There must be a very good reason why licensed taxi drivers can not just lower their prices to compete (and not just in places like NY where they pay ridiculous amounts for their medallion). Most budding Uber drivers will only consider immediate costs when calculating whether they can make a profit from the job. The cost of wear and tear and rapid depreciation of their vehicle is not factoring into their calculations.

Comment Re:This is the wrong answer (Score 1) 174

If they can get away with paying 75%, why wouldn't they? My wife negotiated reduced hours after our first child was born, and found that she was doing about the same amount of work, as she had more energy for work overall and felt social pressure to demonstrate that she wasn't a slacker for working part time. The company got a good deal out of, as no doubt will Amazon with this experiment. Probably they'll see the good results and roll this out to everybody, at which point the social pressure aspect will go away and their results will become less dramatic (though probably still overall positive). One concern I have is on the 75% benefits. Does this mean fewer holidays, partial healthcare coverage, a pension plan that won't quite cut it?

Comment Re:Sour Grapes (Score 1) 80

Spotify has already gone well down the path of making themselves irrelevant. They used to offer an ad-supported free service, which for my occasional usage was OK (no worse than local radio at least), but last time I opened their app, I couldn't find anything at all that was accessible without a premium subscription, including the very same BBC podcasts that are available for free through plenty of other apps.

Comment Re:More BS (Score 1) 146

Sort of. That's only half of the problem. The other half is:

  • * Bad data
  • * Incomplete or missing data

And one you missed, correct data for an inappropriate purpose. For example, data that has the location corrected to take you around the back of a building to the carpark entrance isn't very appropriate for an Uber driver/self-driving-car that needs to pick you up from the front door.

Comment Re:Mobile Web (Score 1) 79

My phone has a large enough screen and a high enough resolution that I just prefer to browse the full site. Can we stop the "mobile web" shit?

Mostly this is because sites (, and are the two that immediately spring to mind) cripple their mobile sites to the point where they are unusable (no "mark all as read" in, difficult to quote parent, javascript which actively works against editing your reply, and a login that only logs you in to half the site among other problems on

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