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Comment Re:Google, Motorola, Intel . . . (Score 1) 262

Acting unethically but within the law is still a shity thing to do, and calling companies out for it is perfectly OK. When Apple is making money off the US national debt at the same time they are causing a shortfall in tax revenue, that is unethical, no matter how many loopholes the legislators have left open for them to do this.

Comment Re:Google, Motorola, Intel . . . (Score 1) 262

Also my grandmother. She bought a lot of government bonds during WW2, so she was also "stealing" from taxpayers.

Was she using money she had funnelled offshore to avoid paying US tax on to purchase those bonds? Probably not, because unlike corporations, the US holds private citizens liable for tax on foreign earnings regardless of whether they repatriate the funds or not.

The salt in the wound here is that Apple is making money from the interest on government bonds, which are issued to cover the shortfall in tax revenue caused by Apple avoiding paying their income tax.

Comment Re:Dangerous (Score 1) 368

I can only assume you've never seen a plane door. Hint: they don't open outwards like a car door.

After some time of trying to recall how there are always staff on each side of the doorway greeting passengers when I board a plane, and no inward opening door getting in their way, I found that Google disagrees with your statement.

Comment Re:Dangerous (Score 1) 368

Its the same phenomena that prevents you from opening aeroplane doors mid flight.

"Set doors to armed"? You do realise that the pressure gradient on a plane is reversed from what you get in a sinking car? If you could open the latch, the door would fly open by itself, and if you tried to stop it, you'd be going with it.

Comment Re:How does this work? (Score 1) 368

My car also locks the doors when I drive, and if you pull the handle while the car is moving, it sounds like a machine gun as the unlock from pulling the handle fights against the lock because the car is moving. A second pull after the door is unlocked is required to actually open the door, and the lock mechanism always beats you to that.

Comment Re:No answer doesn't mean yes (Score 1) 588

The summary is confused - is it 8 or 9 companies they asked? If 3 companies "gave an answer", then obviously they are counting Microsoft's rather long winded way of saying "no comment", but what was the third? Was it Booz Allen Hamilton's explicit "no comment", or the missing 9th company?

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