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Comment Published? Where? (Score 1) 38

If this Automotive industry's main group for coordinating policy on information security and "cyber" threats has published anything, where is it? All the website has is an "Executive Summary". All this seems to be is a single consultancy company, whose sole revenue is government consulting, launching a marketing website to gather automotive execs' contact details so they can widen their customer base.

Comment Re:Standard of living (Score 1) 606

In the UK it is most definitely up. Apart from 2011 and 2016, the average increase in rail fares has been above inflation, but the way the average is calculated puts undue weight on off-peak fares, which are often held static while peak commuting fares have been skyrocketing. Taxes on fuel have also pushed up petrol and diesel prices compared with the market fluctuation of raw oil.

Comment Re:Ok but... (Score 2) 124

The Queen's Chain is largely a myth [].

This is the propaganda put out there by the politicians who got us into this mess. Prior to the mid-late 1980's, there was a defacto Queens Chain on all beaches, lakes and major rivers, even if a historic land title existed on a tiny fraction of that land. After these land titles started being sold to overseas interests, that is when access started being restricted, and the government failed to act then and hid behind this "Queens Chain is a myth" propaganda.

Comment Re:Ok but... (Score 2) 124

The law in NZ has always allowed private ownership of beaches, and other foreshore property, and still does assuming you can convince the current owner to sell it to you.

The law in New Zealand used to recognise the "Queen's chain" as belonging to the people. Private ownership of beaches is a recent thing that came along with the sale of all the profit making government departments to foreign companies.

Comment Re: So what is YOUR plan? (Score 1) 406

Hopefully the desire to usher in the apocalypse is not shared by mainstream Republicans.

I'm having trouble figuring out if you're joking, or you're just unfamiliar with the contents the the book of Revelations. In case of the latter, some of the pre-requisites for the apocalypse are that the Jewish people gain control back over Jerusalem, and then Satan will summon up his armies against Jerusalem which will trigger the second coming.

Comment Re:South Park episode (Score 1) 195

Contracts have to be equitable. Given how many hoops companies make you jump through to cancel (I tried cancelling a mobile phone contract through the online feedback form once because there were no details anywhere of how to actually cancel, and got a response back saying I can't do this online, please call this number..., after waiting 20 minutes on hold, twice being cut off while on hold, on my third attempt I managed to get through to someone who told me I can't do this over the phone, they need it in writing and promptly hung up without giving details of where to write to - so I just cancelled payments and weathered the debt collectors in the end), I'm pretty sure a decent lawyer could get any broad terms allowing AT&T to cancel it at will dismissed as well.

Comment Re:The bullshit is fresh and steamy (Score 1) 237

Also it doesn't make sense to compare Edge to browsers that don't run on the same platform, so wtf would you include Safari - it doesn't make sense.

You mean this is another story about Windows CE/Mobile/Phone/RT or whatever they are calling the platform that nobody uses these days?

Comment Re:South Park episode (Score 1) 195

I wonder what would happen when they take you to court to recover the outstanding amount. Would a judge rule that they gave permission for you to not pay by making payment trigger acceptance of unfavorable changes to the ToS, and force them to reinstate service under the originally agreed terms?

Comment Re:Where has all the insight gone? Long time passi (Score 2) 259

The problem is very much driven by technology - the focus of journalism has changed in the past years from proper journalism towards click-bait, with journalists judged by the number of shares they get. At the same time, Google News, Facebook and other players are filtering what you see into a personal echo-chamber that doesn't challenge your personal opinion.

Comment Re:Explanation is bogus (Score 1) 348

There are still 4 bit microcontrollers.

Yes, but only in certain very simple, high volume applications that demand low operating power (as opposed to low standby power where modern 16 and 32 bit microcontrollers will suffice), and code is typically just carried over from one model to the next, needing very few assembly programmers to support it. So I don't think 4-bit microcontrollers is the reason for assembly programming suddenly being in demand again.

The long arithmetic example may be more likely, with all the BitCoin farms being built out in China, even if this is something that you do once and put in a library (or just use something like GNU MP to start with).

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