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Comment Re:List of formats that the specifications allow (Score 1) 68

Noone is going to use anything other than PCM for stereo anyway, and if it's multichannel, they will jump straight to DTS, maybe some of the new MPEG4 standards if they take off. Why they have other lossy codecs on there, especially MPEG1 layer 1, is anyone's guess. Probably they took a list from the Blu-ray standard or somewhere, which included backwards compatibility with DVDs, CDs, and because Sony was involved, Minidiscs as well, and said "we have to have these".

Comment Re: I'm all for Audio over USB-C (Score 1) 68

You only need the licence to use the USB logo and trademarks. The actual standard is open for anyone to implement, which is the problem with non-compliant USB-A to USB-C cables (the root cause being a stupid decision to make 3A charging the default for USB-C, instead of maintaining backwards compatibility with USB-A, so adapter cables need more than just wires connecting to pins on connectors at each end to be compliant)

Comment Re:Anti-Hillary is not Pro-Trump (Score 1) 857

Hitler was known for getting into fights, he used force and violence long before even getting into office... Trump has no record of ever punching anyone, ever, he doesn't use violence to solve his problems...

Trump doesn't need to use violence, he has his "second amendment people" to take care of that part.

Comment Re:Personal anecdote (Score 1) 169

My mother's ISP had just outsourced all their email to Yahoo a couple of months before that breach, a got a few spams from her address too. I think that was the beginning of the end for Yahoo. Until then, they were holding on, not really a big player anymore against Google, Microsoft and Amazon, but a few promising acquisitions like Flickr and showed they weren't ready to be written off. But since then, it has been all downhill, and the cynic in me wonders if there really was a hack this time, or this is a marketing announcement to remind everyone that they still have a Yahoo account.

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