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Comment Re:Resonating with Americans (Score 1) 181

If you want change, vote for Trump.

Even if you think America isn't exactly doing great at the moment, you have to ask yourself whether the path that Trump wants to take the country down actually leads to greatness. I don't think anyone actually wants change for the sake of change. They want change that leads to positive outcomes.

Comment Re:Lighten up .... the people reviewing the photos (Score 1) 98

I'm pretty sure most nations find breast cancer and chemical warfare offensive. The problem is the policy, not the definition of the word. What Facebook wants to block is titillating images, not offensive ones. But then they really do come across as prudes if they call it what it is.

Comment Re:Account Recovery (Score 1) 105

The answers are almost always easy for an attacker with a little bit of information about you to find,

Which is why I always give false info to answer the questions. The problem is you don't need to answer security questions very often, so when recently, for certain types of transaction my bank suddenly started requiring an answer to a randomly picked security question from the 5 I had to give them 8 years ago when I set up internet banking on that account, I had to start visiting a physical branch to do my regular banking again.

Comment Re:And yet (Score 1) 412

You mean a middle finger to Sweden and the UK, right? While I wouldn't set foot in the US in his shoes, he has never been charged with anything there, and despite his paranoid rantings on the subject it is unlikely that he would be extradited there from Sweden (staying in UK on the other hand is a risky decision for someone who thinks they are out to get him, especially if they start withdrawing from EU human rights agreements and form a stronger bond with US)

Comment Re:Your data is out of date... (Score 2) 81

I so want to do this with the extra hotel taxes that are added.

This worked for me (kind of) in India recently. I made an internet booking, which included taxes, but on checking in, they upgraded my room "at no charge". On checking out, they tried to charge me more because the tax was higher on that room. They tried to claim it wasn't them, it was the government and there was nothing they could do, so I claimed it wasn't me, it was the beancounters at my company who had preapproved the advertised rate and wouldn't pay a cent more. Eventually they backed down and Hilton ate the extra tax.

Comment Trust in the Samsung ecosystem (Score 1) 212

Not that I ever used it, but my TV annoyed me with a notification this evening about the Samsung Link service ending on November 1. The timing isn't exactly great for a company that needs to instill confidence in its ecosystem in the wake of its flagship smartphone becoming a complete disaster.

Comment Re:Building wealth (Score 3, Insightful) 491

To take a clear example, Clinton wants a 65% estate tax.

You do realise that the proposal to raise the estate tax does not come with any proposal to lower the exemption limit, which currently stands at $5.45M. This tax is simply not affecting ordinary citizens, you are being misled by the very people who are taking your wealth and lining their pockets with it.

Comment Re:Maybe (Score 4, Insightful) 84

Talking about things flipping around:

"This tension, this stress, of trying to balance newly emerging technologies with the established patterns and rituals of our lives is extremely common

I think for a lot of the young people starting to have families now, the smartphone is the established patterns and rituals, and the baby is the newly emerging technology in this story.

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