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Comment WTF Slashdot? (Score 3, Interesting) 48

Why am I getting spammed on my work email address for since yesterday? It isn't even the address I have registered, so where did you purchase you spam list from? This is a new low for Slashdot, the new owners started well, but it's now clear what your real intentions for the site are.

Comment Re:Um (Score 1) 492

It's possible that police are acting on a criminal complaint already, but are not interested in chasing the Twitter harassment even though it might have more likelihood of revealing the identity of the abuser, so in frustration he has filed a civil suit on the Twitter harassment separately.

Comment Re:Resisting the Court (Score 1) 492

There isn't really a valid reason to be sending seizure inducing animations to anyone - the frame rate is too slow for real animations, and too fast to see each frame individually. Those of us not prone to seizures would just see it as an annoying flicker that induces a headache if you try to stare at it to decipher the contents. So sending it out "unaware" that it might trigger a seizure isn't a whole lot different than sending it out specifically to cause a seizure. The sender is being a prize asshole either way.

Comment Re:Sounds like I should be fine then (Score 1) 56

And the 30 minute flight to the nearest international hub invariably has the latest high tech entertainment system with a vast selection of feature-length movies to choose from (if you bring your own headphones, as they don't supply them on short haul flights), while the 8 hour flight I change onto has a cathode ray tube to bump your head on every 4 rows.

Comment Re:Download movies (Score 1) 56

Some systems seem to manage the bandwidth and disc access by giving you a copy of someone else's stream if they are already watching the movie you select. Many users will just watch the movie from part way through instead of rewinding it to the beginning (which will force the streams to split), so they can cheap out on the resources a bit. Basically they are taking advantage of their users' fear of technology and the fact that at least half the airplane has enough trouble selecting a movie, and isn't going to try anything fancier. On systems like this (which are usually retrofit on older infrastructure), I have seen stuttering after splitting my stream off by rewinding to the beginning, occasionally to the point of being unwatchable. But on newer systems, there seems to be sufficient bandwidth to stream without stuttering.

Comment Re:JavaScript (Score 1) 295

It's only a marginal advantage. I've seen plenty of bad Java code that rethrows exceptions from the Java API as RuntimeException (which acts like C# exceptions, in that it can be silently thrown from any method without warning) or has catch (Exception e) {} everywhere to avoid dealing with exceptions "until later".

Comment Re:Too many rich people (Score 1) 134

This is the problem with the summary's claim that this system will be able to tell cars when something is safe. I would argue that even when all cars on the road are fitted with this, it still won't be able to tell you when it is safe to change lanes or whatever. It will only be able to tell you some of the times when it is certainly unsafe.

Comment Re:What's to stop.. (Score 1) 90

I don't think it even needs deliberate manipulation to fail. Without a constant taste, people who want a guaranteed beer that fits their palette will stick with known traditional brews. The only people in the feedback loop will be hipsters who know nothing about beer but want to pretend they are on the edge of the next revolution that the masses haven't picked up on yet. Positive feedback will be for anything that goes against the mainstream, and not necessarily have anything to do with quality.

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