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Comment Wrong focus (Score 2) 44

It's not the quality of the maps that makes Google better than Apple. It's the simple matter of understanding that context-sensitive searches are essential to a good "map experience". If you search on Google Maps for a place, business, or business type; you get results for that immediate area. On Apple Maps, the search returned could be on the other side of the planet, as I found out, searching for "soup dumplings" in the middle of Chinatown, San Francisco. Apple Maps returned a location in Taiwan. Google Maps returned a place around the corner.

Comment Three men and some cars (Score 5, Insightful) 251

The formula for Top Gear, after Clarkson completely revamped it from a very pedestrian ordinary car review show, was lifted, almost directly from Jerome K Jerome's Three Men in a Boat. A quintessential English novel that captured the relationship, in-fighting, sulking, and entertaining dynamic of three men on a boat trip. This theatre was played out week after week on Top Gear, when they went on their contrived, ridiculous, and entertaining adventures. By missing this enormous formula, the producers of the show delivered a turkey. Two hosts, do not give you the opportunity to pit two against one, with the teams always changing.

The signature segment, "star in a reasonably priced car" worked because the guests were driving cars that average people owned. The replacement with a super-charged mini on a part rally course misses this point completely. Top Gear was always silly, slightly annoying, superbly shot and soundtracked.

Chris Evans, who seems to only have one set of clothes in his wardrobe, was shouty, predictable, and seemingly incapable of interviewing anyone. Matt Le Blanc was surprisingly good.

Comment Flat is the new black (Score 1) 516

...but those Windows 10 icons are pretty bad. Someone in the design department doesn't know that "flat" doesn't have to mean "done in MS Paint". The new Adobe CC icons are "flat" but contain very subtle gradients, which is why they look great. The MS icons are thin and hollow in comparison.

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