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Submission + - LulzSec Hacks Military Singles

An anonymous reader writes: Lulz Security (LulzSec), a hacktivist group loosely associated with the hacktivist group Anonymous, is claiming responsibility for a hack exposing 170,937 accounts from dating website Military Singles. The accounts have been posted publicly and appear to have authentic credentials for logging into e-mail addresses hosted on military domains.

Submission + - Android Phone or Condom Line? (

MBCook writes: "Naming a product is difficult. Branding legend Marty Neumeier says that good product names have 7 characteristics. They should be distinctive, short, appropriate, easy to spell and pronounce, likable, extendable, and protectable. Looking through this list of Android names, it’s clear that many marketing teams disagree with Marty."

Submission + - Haptic photography develops images that can be both seen and felt (

techgeek0279 writes: "Katherine J. Kuchenbecker, Skirkanich Assistant Professor of Innovation for Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics (MEAM) at the University of Pennsylvania, explains the work she and her research team are conducting on haptic photography. Haptography, like photography in the visual domain, enables an individual to quickly record the haptic feel of a real object and reproduce it later for others to interact with in a variety of contexts. Particular positive ramifications of establishing the approach of haptography are to let doctors and dentists create haptic records of medical afflictions such as a decayed tooth surface to assist in diagnosis and patient health tracking; to improve the realism and consequent training efficacy of haptic surgical simulators and other computer-based education tools; to allow a wide range of people, such as museum goers and online shoppers, to touch realistic virtual copies of valuable items; to facilitate a haptographic approach to low-bandwidth and time-delayed teleoperation, as found in space exploration; and to enable new insights on human and robot touch capabilities."

Feed Google News Sci Tech: James Cameron Completes Record-Breaking Mariana Trench Dive - National Geographi (

National Geographic

James Cameron Completes Record-Breaking Mariana Trench Dive
National Geographic
James Cameron lowers himself into his sub prior to his historic descent to Challenger Deep. The DEEPSEA CHALLENGER sub during a February test off Papua New Guinea. Photograph by Mark Thiessen, National Geographic At roughly noon, local time (10 pm ET), ...
James Cameron back on surface after deepest ocean diveBBC News
James Cameron reaches deepest spot on EarthUSA TODAY
Cameron completes journey to Earth's deepest pointThe Associated Press
Reuters-CBS News
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Submission + - US Government Pays $250,000 For iOS Exploit (

An anonymous reader writes: It’s been known for a while that there’s a huge market for buying and selling zero-day exploits in popular software and operating systems. Traditionally, hackers would inform the original software developer about a security vulnerability, present it at a security conference, or participate in competitions that pay for new zero-day exploits. Recently, the market of instead selling the hacks to governments around the world has exploded. Unsurprisingly, the most lucrative types of customers are the authorities. In fact, an undisclosed U.S. government contractor recently paid $250,000 for an iOS exploit.

Submission + - allRGB—One Pixel For Every Color (

An anonymous reader writes: The objective of allRGB is simple: To create images with one pixel for every (24 bit) RGB color (16777216); not one color missing, and not one color twice. allRGB invites artists, programmers, and designers to submit their own projects, using the same basic set of rules.

ARM Powered OLPC XO-1.75 Laptop Is Faster Than X86 229

Charbax writes "Not only is power consumption halved to less than two Watts and price of the motherboard reduced, the performance of the next generation OLPC Laptop is actually better for running full Fedora Linux compared to x86. Here's a video interviewing OLPC's CTO, Edward J. McNierney, where he explains how and why OLPC's world class engineers are making this change of CPU architecture. If OLPC XO-1 threatened Intel enough to start the netbook market and has reached two million poor kids in third-world countries thus far, XO-1.75 may help start the ARM-powered Linux laptop market. Do you think Fedora/Sugar will do, or should OLPC attract Chrome OS and Android solutions for education to get faster help from the big boys of Silicon Valley in bringing Linux software successfully to the next billion PC/laptop users?"

Amazon To Launch 'Amazon Appstore For Android' 222

angry tapir writes "Amazon is preparing to open an Android app store to compete with Google's Android Market, and has launched a beta portal where developers can submit applications for Android-based smartphones. The applications will be sold on the Amazon Appstore for Android, which the company expects to launch later this year. At launch, the Appstore will be available for customers in the US, and it will be compatible with Android 1.6 and higher. Users will be able to shop for applications from their PCs, which isn't possible with the existing version of Android Market, or from their smartphones, and pay with their existing Amazon account."

Comment Re:Insilvent? So what? (Score 1) 252

Postal Employee: "May I help you?"
Kramer: "Yeah, I'd like to cancel my mail."
Postal Employee: "Certainly. How long would you like us to hold it?"
Kramer: "Oh, no, no. I don't think you get me. I want out, permanently."
Newman: "I'll handle this, Violet. Why don't you take your three hour break?
Oh, calm down, everyone. No one's cancelling any mail."
Kramer: "Oh, yes, I am."
Newman: "What about your bills?"
Kramer: "The bank can pay 'em."
Newman: "The bank. What about your cards and letters?"
Kramer: "E-mail, telephones, fax machines. Fedex, telex, telegrams,
Newman: "All right, it's true! Of course nobody needs mail. What do you
think, you're so clever for figuring that out? But you don't know the half of
what goes on here. So just walk away, Kramer. I beg of you."
Supervisor: "Is everything all right here, Postal Employee Newman?"
Newman: "Yes, sir, I believe everything is all squared away. Isn't it, Mr.
Kramer: "Oh, yeah. As long as I stop getting mail!"

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