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Comment Re:meh... I blame the internet (Score 1) 77

I can write an autopilot software in less time than it takes to set up a personal webpage. while(flying){ trueHeading = poleGPS; desiredHeading = lookUpPreDefinedRoot(); headingError = trueHeading-desiredHeading; yawInput = Kp*headingError; } end while Add in some other terms for speed tracking, etc if you like :)

Comment Free Speech vs. Harassment (Score 1) 338

They have a right to free speech, but we have a right not to be harassed. Freedom of speech means that you can stand on your individual soapbox and say what you like; but I always have the option to walk away if I don't like what you're saying. This is the equivalent of said soap box-er following me around and constantly shouting their message in my ear (pocket).

Comment Re:This is a developing concept ... (Score 1) 63

As an engineering grad student, I have found (at least at my University) that the grad professors are horrendous at explaining material, and most of the "clarification" I get from asking them questions just leads me back to books/ the Inter-tubes. I have taken a Coursera course and it worked very well (HCI). That being said, the material was no-where near as difficult as the advanced engineering courses I'm referencing, so who knows how that more difficult material would compare in an online setting....

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